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11 Reasons You Should NOT Buy An Apple iPhone X

11 Things you should know before you buy an iPhone X

Apple fans and Smartphone enthusiast all over the world were elated this week at the unveiling of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. During the anticipated annual press conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed what the public can expect when the new iPhones are released. The Apple iPhone X (iPhone 10) has been given the “X” letter to commemorate the company’s 10 year anniversary.

During the Apple iPhone launch and demonstration for the new iPhone X, something went terribly wrong though. As the senior vice president of Apple Craig Federighi tried to get the iPhone X to unlock, the phone did not. The demonstration of the iPhone X was supposed to show the new facial recognition unlocking capabilities offered by the new iPhone. Still, the facial recognition on the iPhone X failed and didn’t unlock the phone. While Apple explained the failure on the demo not having been set up correctly, in a way, the damage was done.

When all was said and done, many felt as if buying this phone was not a smart decision to make. The negative reviews of the iPhone X and dissenting opinions from magazines, media outlets, websites and technology experts were very high. But, they were not based solely on the facial recognition failure during the demonstration.

Apart from that fiasco, there are several reasons why experts feel people should avoid buying the iPhone X or iPhone 10, as it is also called. We should point out that the Apple X release date has not been confirmed as of yet. However, the release date for the iPhone 8 has been set to September 12.

Apple iPhone New Launch Past Success

The buzz and huge success Apple has experienced in the past when it comes to new iPhone releases, has always been phenomenal. Each time a new iPhone is released, Apple breaks records in the number of sales. Apple fanatics and Smartphone lovers do whatever it takes to get their hands on the next iPhone before others do. Some people spend days waiting in line to make sure they get a one. This has happened several times before whenever a new iPhone or product is released, or with Apple upcoming phones.

Still, if you are planning to be one of those who wants to purchase an iPhone 10, you may want to wait. Regardless of when the iPhone X is released by Apple, you should read these tips. Below are some of the reasons why you may want to wait before spending your hard-earned cash on the new iPhone X.

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Past Issues With First Releases

One of the most important reasons why you should not buy an Apple iPhone X is because of history. If there’s one thing that users can expect from a new product, is quirks in the first model. Each time Apple has released a new iPhone model, there have been numerous problems at first. Some of the most memorable are:

  • iPhone 4 antenna issue.
  • iPhone 5 experienced some software and hardware problems.
  • iPhone 6 had problems with bending too easily.
  • iPhone 7 had battery problems.

In all fairness to Apple, this typically happens with most new products when they are initially released. The kinks or issues are not found until after users begin to try it; sometimes months later. Past Apple customers have a long history of experiencing problems with introductory products. That is why smart consumers wait for the either the “S” models or upgrade models which fix the issues on the first one.

Too Expensive

In the past, people have dutifully rushed to Apple stores each time a new iPhone or product has been released. And even though each year the new iPhone is more expensive than the next, consumers still continue to buy them. But this year, Apple may have gone a bit too far when it comes to the iPhone X price. With a price tag of $999.00, it is by far one of the most expensive phones ever offered. Not just by Apple, but by any other major phone manufacturer.

Apple iPhone release dates - iPhone 8

Extra Storage Cost Too Much

As if having to spend $1,000. for a phone wasn’t enough, there is also the extra storage cost. People willing to buy the new iPhone 10 will have to shell out an additional $150 if they want extra storage. The $999 iPhone X only has 64GB of space. You will have to pay the extra $150 if you want to upgrade to 256GB. This is ridiculous in a day and age when other phones come with extra SD storage capabilities. That may explain why Apple has never offered any iPhone with SD card options. The bad part about all this is that 64GB is just not enough storage for most people these days. Users love recording videos which can take up space really quick.

Slimmer Display

For years, Apple phones were smaller than Android and other Smartphone models. However, the popularity in big screen phones, forced Apple to offer the bigger screens in the iPhone newer models. Apple iPhone users eventually took a liking to the new bigger displays and have gotten used it. Some love their iPhones even more now. That gain in display is lost on the new iPhone X though. The new iPhone 10 can be a problem for those who are upgrading from the iPhone plus phones. When measured side by side, the display area on the iPhone X is a bit smaller than the iPhone plus models. You may feel as if you are getting cropped content when looking at it on an iPhone X and comparing it to other plus models.

Facial Recognition Feature

When Apple first released the fingerprint feature on the iPhone 5, there were numerous problems. It took many tweaks and other models before that entire issue was fixed. And even to this day, there are still some problems with Apple’s fingerprint sensor feature. The new facial recognition feature on the Apple iPhone X is bound to have issues. That was evident during the failed demonstration at the Apple iPhone 10 unveiling.

Keep in mind that facial recognition is not necessarily new technology. But, it is the first time it has been offered on a Smartphone. The problem is that facial recognition can be sluggish. Your face will always have to be aimed at the phone in order to open it. The entire process will take a few seconds or longer each and every time you do it. In addition, no one really knows of any problems or issues with this feature until after the phone is released as well.

Display Not Too Bright

There were some people who were lucky enough to have been able to see, play and mess around with the new iPhone X. But, those that had a chance to see it firsthand, said the display on the iPhone 10 was not that bright. Not when compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or other similar models. Side by side comparison of images on both phones showed the iPhone X to be much dimmer than the Note 8.

Extra Accessories Required

Apple users have gotten used to purchasing new accessories each time there’s a new iPhone released. When Apple changed the charging ports though for the iPhone 5, many people were very angry. The old chargers became obsolete and could only be used with adapters. The same for other devices such as radios, clocks and computers people used to connect their iPhones or iPods. The new iPhone X continues in that path. You will not be able to use the fast charging feature on the iPhone X unless you buy an expensive power brick. In addition, you will not be able to plug in your new iPhone 10 to your Mac Book unless you purchase a new cable or adapter.

New Features Not That Modern

Besides the facial recognition feature being offered on the new Apple iPhone X, there are not that many other new features. The fast-charging Qi wireless capability has actually been around for years now. Many past Samsung models offer the Qi wireless charging already.

The Camera Is Not What You Expect

You would think that for an iPhone worth $1,000, there would be a chart busting camera on it. However, when the megapixels are measured, the iPhone 10 only has 12 shooter on the back. Although the phone will be able to record 4k videos, it is not the best camera on a cellular phone. In a few tests done so far, the Samsung Note 8 camera beat the iPhone 10. That camera also has several other features that the new iPhone X does not offer.

iPhone 8 Is A Better Buy

For anyone who still may feel as if they want a new iPhone, there’s another option which is cheaper. If paying $1,000 may be too much for you, there’s always the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. The cost for the iPhone 8 starts at $699 and iPhone 8 plus at $799. This price is for models with 64GB.

Apple iPhone 8 release date, tips & price

Both of these phones are not only cheaper, they are also full of great features. The iPhone 8 will have wireless charging capability, an improved camera and a bionic chip. At the same time, there won’t be that many new changes to the iPhone 8 or 8 plus when compared to the iPhone X. That may help keep the problems and issues new Apple products experience when they are first introduced, to a minimum.

You can purchase the iPhone 8 here;


iOS 11 Coming Soon

Nothing beats the feeling of a new gadget on your hand. It is part of the reason why new iPhones or other new cellular phones do so well when released. Everyone who buys them wants to have the feeling of something new and different on their hands. But, there is no reason for you to spend $1,000 plus for a new iPhone just to get that feeling. If you feel as though your iPhone 6 or 7 may have gotten slower, wait. There’s a new iOS 11 coming soon and it will offer Apple users with older iPhones, a new iPhone feeling. That means you will get that new phone notion, without having to spend a thousand plus for it.

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Conclusion On iPhone X

Irrespective of these tips on why you should wait before buying the new iPhone X, some people will go ahead and do so anyway. That is your choice and everyone is entitled to buy things that they want. However, keep in mind that just because the iPhone X will be the most expensive phone on the market, it doesn’t mean it is perfect. It also doesn’t mean that it is without problems since they may still be unknown. Additionally, just because the new iPhone X will cost more than any other phone, it doesn’t make it the best.

A smart consumer waits for others to try an item first so they can learn from their experience. Whatever issues, quirks or software problems the iPhone X may run into, you will know about them right away. The only difference is that you won’t have to spend $1,000 plus to find out about them.