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12 Tips On How To Get Pregnant Fast

Tips on how to get pregnant fast and easyFor some women, getting pregnant fast is something that happens to them without any effort. In fact, some have to take pills or other forms of contraception to avoid conceiving. However, that is not the case for a lot of other women who have trouble doing getting pregnant. They spend time and money doing all types of things trying to find a way to conceive. Often times, they resort to measures which are outrageous and even dangerous. That’s because becoming pregnant is so important to them and their family.

In reality, not being able to do so can have devastating and emotional impacts on the woman as well as the spouse. So what can you do if you are trying to get with child? These 12 tips on how to get pregnant fast can help point in the right direction.

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1 – Visit A Doctor Or OBGYN First:

Before you do anything else, it is crucial that you see a doctor or OBGYN first. You need to get a full check-up and obtain a preconception evaluation from him or her. Poor health, sexually transmitted diseases and untreated infections are things you need to be cleared of. This applies to both you and your partner. Besides being dangerous, they can also greatly reduce your chances of getting pregnant. More importantly, these issues can result in affecting the health of your baby.

2 – Plan Ahead On Birth Control:

There are women who spend a long time taking birth control pills or prescriptions. But, they one day may decide to try and become pregnant. The problem is that women who are on birth control need to stop doing so ahead of time. This means stopping months before you begin trying to get pregnant. According to doctors, it takes a few months for your body to begin ovulating regularly and normal again. Especially for those women who have been taking birth control for a long time.

3 – Have Regular Intercourse Every Week:

While it goes without saying, having regular intercourse is one of the best ways for you to become pregnant. Engaging in frequent, regular sex with your mate is crucial. Some couples only have sex during ovulation periods. Although a woman needs to be ovulating in order for her to become pregnant, sometimes timing that ovulation can be hard to do. If however, you have sex regularly with your partner – at least 3 to 4 times a week – then chances are you will not miss an ovulation period. In turn, that will leave you covered and the probability of conceiving increases dramatically.

4 – Calculate Your Ovulation Days:

We mentioned how important having regular sex with your partner is. At the same time, when trying to get pregnant fast, you need to figure out your fertile days as well. The best way to conceive is by knowing when you ovulate. Unlike the past, many doctors are now recommending OPKS or Ovulation Predictor Kits for their patients. These can measure the ovulation days with greater accuracy.

5 – Have Sex Before Ovulation, Not After:

When it comes to ovulation and when to have sex, it is easy for couples to get confused as far as when they should copulate. The chances for a woman to get pregnant each month is very small. The reason for that is after ovulation, an egg will only survive about 24 hours. A man’s sperm however, will survive about three to five days. This means that if you have sex right before ovulating, the sperm will already be waiting for the egg.

6 – Never Rely On Fertility Charting Alone:

Fertility charting are very good for helping you pinpoint your cycle. However, they are also not something to swear by. Sure, you can see ovulation on a BBT chart. The problem is that by then, you may have already ovulated. BBT charts are great as a way to track your cycles and see if your ovulation periods come at the same time each month. They let you look back on your cycle to make sure your timing was correct. But if you are not ovulating at the same time each month, an ovulation prediction kit will also come in handy. Especially if this is your first cycle attempting to conceive.

7 – Avoid Relying On The Calendar Ovulation Method:

The calendar ovulation method assumes that a woman has a normal 28-day cycle. In addition, it presumes that they ovulate around the middle of that interval. For many couples who follow this method, they calculate that the best time to have sex is around the 14th day of their cycle. But, this is not always an exact science.  And while it is better than simply picking out random days, it is by no means an accurate way to be sure.

The reason is that quite simply, many women are not the same as others. Some women don’t always ovulate on the fourteenth day. Again, it is best to look at the BBT charts from previous months. Be on the lookout for signs of ovulation. At the same time, use ovulation prediction kits to better help you ascertain when it is that you ovulate.

8 – Use A Fertility Monitor Of Ovulation Prediction Kit:

Using Fertility monitors are highly recommended for those trying to conceive. These monitors will read any changes in LH as well as in other hormones. This will significantly improve your chances as it removes the guess work from you both. An ovulation kit helps make things clearer and easier.

Ovulation charts can be confusing and at times even overwhelming. That is why pregnancy experts recommend the use of the ovulation prediction kit. Doing so takes the guessing out of your attempts at conceiving. Just as a fertility monitor, they work by reading any increased LH prior to a woman ovulating. They are both very easy to use and can pinpoint the best time for you to get pregnant.

9 – Say No To Drugs, Alcohol And Tobacco:

Cigarettes, alcohol and drugs can dramatically reduce your fertility and chances for getting pregnant. A study has shown that men who smoke have a smaller sperm count than those who do not. There are also the after effects they can have on your fetus if you do get pregnant.

10 – Enjoy The Sex:

For many couples who try to conceive, the task of sex becomes more of a reproduction chore or a job. This is not helpful since sex should be enjoyable for the both of you. There are some researchers who believe that having an orgasm will increase your chances for fertility. Men who have a good orgasm tend to put out a better sperm count. The spasmodic movements that follow a great orgasm for women, help to pull the sperm into the uterus. Enjoy your sex together and this will increase your chances for getting pregnant faster.

11 – The Right Positions During Sex Are Important:

Avoid having sex where the woman is on top. This will cause the sperm to leak out faster. The missionary position is perfect during these times as it allows the sperm to reach further. When you are finished copulating, do not stand up right away. If you remain laying down, it will allow for the sperm to remain in the vagina longer. You can also place a pillow to support and uplift your hips. Doing this will tilt your pelvis upwards and the sperm will go down further in the vagina.

12 – Try And Try Again:

As with all things, if at first you don’t succeed, by all means keep trying. Most couples usually end up conceiving within a year. In the event that you have not been able to get pregnant within that time frame of trying, then you should consult your OBGYN or doctor. They can offer you some advice and provide further check-ups.

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In addition to all of these tips on getting pregnant fast, other options exist. There are many programs available today which have worked for countless of women trying to conceive. Since you and your partner are serious about getting pregnant right away, you both should take a look at some Holistic & ancient secrets. These old school methods may provide another source for you when all else has failed.