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16 Clues You Are Dating A Psychopath

16 signs you're dating a psychopathThere could be many reasons why a person would search for signs of what constitutes psychopathic behavior. However, if you are doing because of someone you are dating, then you need to heed these warning signs! While most people who think of a psychopath imagine characters they have seen in movies, that is not always the case. To most, images of the actress Christina Applegate in “The Crush,” or Robert Deniro in “Cape Fear” come to mind. Some may think of actor Javier Bardem, who played that creepy guy in the movie “No Country For Old Men.”

But the truth is, that is not at all what a real psychopath is or how he or she acts. You may be dating a psychopath now and are not aware of it. Since psychopathic people are so good at masking their real identities, your present girlfriend or boyfriend could be one. How can you tell though? What are the signs to look for? These 16 clues you may be dating a psychopath can help point you in the right direction.

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Are you dating a psychopath vs sociopath?It could be that the signs or clues have been there from day one. Maybe it took longer for your beau to show them. The problem is that if you don’t know what you are looking for, how will you ever find it? Although some may point out that there are some differences between sociopath vs psychopath behavior, they are minor. Psychopaths make up only 1% of the population while sociopaths make up about 4%. Still, dating or being in love with either a psychopathic or sociopathic individual, can be dangerous and emotionally crippling. For anyone who may think they are in a relationship with a person with psychopathic or sociopathic personalities, get away now. Want more proof before making your decision? Look out for these signs the person you are dating, may in fact be, a psychopath.

1 – Charm Their Way Into Your Heart –

Psychopaths charm their way into your heart

A person who is a psychopath needs to mask who they truly are. They also need to reel you in and make you fall for them quickly. The way a sociopath will accomplish this is by charming their way into your

heart. Psychopaths will use every bit of flattery on the book. He or she will use extensive charm, while showering you love, adulation and dreams.

Cleverly, they will use your own feelings of insecurities to zero-in and make a connection. That way, you can begin to trust them instantly. A psychopath will act as if they are totally and completely mesmerized by you. In reality, they just want you to be hypnotized by them.

2 – Reel You In With Sympathy –

Tips on how psychopaths make you fall for themThe most inventiveness way a psychopath can make you connect with them instantly, is by using pity. In stories and film, you will often have a person who is victimized so the audience can take pity on them. In the same manner, a sociopath will use harsh stories of past abusive relationships, to gain sympathy from you. Maybe they will tell you of an abusive parent, ex friend or even their present boss. In some cases, they may even tell you they have a terminal illness or had a near death accident experience. Still, there will never be one shred of proof about any of these occurrences. The entire stage is set for you to feel sorry for them, while gaining a soft spot in your heart.

These people are shrewd in influencing individuals they aim to get, to become addicted to them. For one, they want to make sure you will never leave them or look at anyone else. Secondly, this will set the groundwork for the next stages they will use on you.

3 – Chameleon In Disguise –

Psychopaths are like chameleonsOne of the most dangerous attributes psychopaths possess is their chameleon abilities. For some reason they are extremely skillful at blending in. No matter the crowd, a sociopath will change accordingly. To make matters worse, they will change back and forth in front of your eyes. One minute they will be very sweet and charming. The next minute, they act completely different by being inconsiderate and indifferent. Worse of all, they will make these changes for no apparent reason. At least not one that will make sense to you.

4 – Provide The Greatest Sexual Experience Ever –

Sex with a psychopath - Best sex ever?Great sex is an important part of any relationship. But what if that amazing sex is with a deranged person? The majority of those who dated a psychopath, often admit that it was the best sexual experience they ever had.  Perhaps it may be because of a sociopath’s desire to please his or her partner in every way possible in the beginning. What better way to get someone hooked on you than by giving them an amazing sexual experience?

Psychopaths will do all they can to please the person they are with in bed. However, they will then use sex as a tool to confuse and hurt you. Making you beg for more sex is a way to control you. Then suddenly, they won’t want to have intercourse with you anymore which makes the situation more difficult.

5 – Manipulation Masters –

Tips on psychopath manipulation techniquesWhen you first began dating, he or she seemed perfect. They would say the right things and compliment you on anything and everything. The over-the-top flattery is part of the process psychopaths will put you through. Since they are masters at manipulation, they will do all they can to get you hooked on them. However, they will suddenly begin making it seem like things are your fault. This is how they confuse you to the point you don’t know how to logically think or respond.

It is in their grand scheme of things, to make you question yourself and who you truly are. Once you are unsure who you really are in a relationship, it can be a sign you’re dating a sociopathic person.

6 – The Triangulation Stage –

psychopath triangulation method signs to look forThe minute a sociopath knows you are addicted and hooked, they will begin the triangulation stage. This stage is set up for two parts. One, they want to drive you to an obsessional state. He or she wants to be the only thing which dominates your thoughts constantly. Secondly, they will try to make you jealous on purpose. You will begin to see them surround themselves with people who adulate them. They will also associate with and parade past lovers in front of you. Anyone who could be a possible match for them, will also be around them.

The entire process is done so you can become confused. At the same time, it will make it seem as if they are constantly needed and loved by others. While they are working you into a jealous and obsessive frenzy, they pull away from you.

7 – It’s All About Them –

It's all about me - Psychopath signs Having an inflated ego is part of characteristics attributed to psychopaths. In their minds, it all about them. They will spend a great deal of time focusing on themselves. It could be their faces, bodies or how they dress. The exaggerated self-importance will be constantly on display.

He or she will want to be the life of the party and the center of attention. Worse of all, sociopaths think everyone in the world owes them something. And that the rules don’t apply to them. The only driving factor is their inflated ego. It is always all about them which is why they are incapable of caring for anyone else’s feelings or emotions.

8 – Constant Liars –

Psychopaths are great at learning how to lieA tell-tale sign of a psychopath is the perpetual lying. They will lie about anything and everything; at times, for no apparent reason. Just like they used lies in the beginning to reel you in, now they will lie about where they were, with whom and why. In truth, from the very start, he or she was lying to you when they said they wanted the same things you did. In reality, their only desire was to make you fall in love with them. They do this using any means necessary to accomplish the task.

Since they need to have complete control over you, they will lie at every whim to attain those results. In the world of a sociopath, it is never their fault. Excuses are a primary way for them to get out of taking responsibilities and passing the blame.

9 – Show No Remorse –

Do psychopaths feel remorse or emotions?The only way a person could ever be remorseful, is if they admit guilt. Since psychopaths are incapable of guilt, they could never be repentant. This is what makes dating a psychopath so dangerous. Whether they hurt you verbally or physically, there will be no contrition from them. Even acts of cheating will only be met with promises they won’t do it again. However, they will continue to do it many times over, without bothering to think about your feelings. While it may sound lunatic, it is how they control and manipulate you. Just like a burglar or criminal, they are only sorry about being caught. To make matters worse, he or she may try to blame you for what took place.

10 – They Make You Feel Lonely And Isolated –

Signs your mate is a psychopath or sociopathAnother phase a sociopath will put you through is making you feel alone and isolated from the rest of the world. Using their skills of manipulation, you will be scared to go anywhere. Visiting friends or family will be almost out of the question since you will dread the reaction it will provoke from your partner. The slightest thing will set them off and make them lose their temper.

Every psychopath will demand to know who all of your friends are. Slowly, he or she will do everything possible so you won’t spend any time with any of them. In order to make you feel lonelier, they will study and learn what makes you vulnerable. This way, they can hurt you easily and cause you constant pain. By making you feel bewildered, scared, isolated, pointless and embarrassed, they steal all of your confidence away. The end result is making sure you have no support and that you end up lonely and unconnected.

11 – They Enjoy Hurting People and Animals –

Signs you're dating a psychopathFor some reason, psychopaths take great pleasure in hurting innocent animals and people. You may have seen her or him kick or beat your cat or dog. Or witnessed them threatening someone else’s pets. If you look closely, you can see that they generally show disdain for all animals. They also relish making people feel inferior and treating them like garbage. It can start with belittling, embarrassing and then ultimately, physically causing them pain. Seeing a person take pleasure in other people’s pain and suffering, or in the anguish of animals, is not normal behavior. It is an indicator that he or she harbors disconcerting, dark and abnormal thoughts.

12 – Unhinged Plans and Goals –

Ways to tell if you're dating a sociopathYour partner whom you think may be a psychopath can be two different people when it comes to plans and goals. On one hand, he or she will have presumptuous and unattainable objectives and ambitions. However, these are not your average unreachable goals and plans. Their plans include things such as becoming a movie star or the next millionaire on the internet. Once they achieve their impossible goals, they will buy you an expensive car, house on the beach and all you desire.

In other cases, there are psychopaths who have no types of plans, ambitions or goals. Instead, they will suck the life out of your very own in order to make you feel less confident. At the same time, you become more dependent on them.

13 – Incites Jealousy And Confrontations –

Things psychopaths do in relationshipsIn the beginning of the relationship, all the attention he or she had was directed towards you. Now, since they finally have you where they want, it is time to incite confrontations and jealousy. Psychopaths accomplish this by ignoring you and placing their attention on others. Anything which may make you doubt where you stand with them, is fair game. He or she will go to a friend’s function, but miss your event on purpose.

Most of them will go on social media and use past lovers as a tool to make you jealous. They will deliberately praise and adulate lovers they once denounce. The entire plan, is to provoke rivalries and create jealousy in your heart.

14 – Sort Of Admits Who They Really Are –

Clues you're dating a psychotic person

A sociopathic person cannot help but reveal their true identity to you. The problem is that when they do so, they will backtrack or say they were joking. They do this when it comes to lies they have told as well. If you think back, there may have been an instance in your relationship, where she or he told you they were crazy. Perhaps they blurted out that they were totally psychotic.

But, once confronted, they laughed and said they were only joking. Ironically enough, this tactic is not because they are completely psycho inasmuch as it is to confuse you. Their main objective is to always keep you off balance.


15 – Gives You The Silent Treatment –

The silent treatment psychopath relationship

The minute a psychopath knows they have you where they want, they will move on to the silent treatment stage. In order to make you feel degraded, they will constantly ignore you. To make an even bigger emphasis, some sociopaths will disappear for a few days.

While you are wondering where they are, he or she may already be targeting the next person they will try and reel in. In turn, this will propel them to vigorously give you the silent treatment and ignore you even more.

16 – The Final Hoovering Tactic Phase –

The hoovering psychopath phase and techniques Although it may seem as if your relationship with the person you suspected is a sociopath is over, it is not. Even though they have controlled, deceived and manipulated you at every turn, he or she is not done. They may have moved on to someone else and abandoned you. But, they won’t do it completely. Instead, psychopaths will use what is known as the ‘hoovering technique.’ It is part of their narcissistic behavior to keep you hanging on. Each time he or she may feel as if you are moving on with your life, they will do all they can to bring you back into the relationship.

Sociopaths have been known to start showing benevolence, attention and promises of change at this stage. Not willing to let you go completely, he or she will tell you they love you and need you. To anyone else, this may seem crazy or psychotic behavior. But to a sociopath, it’s just another phase in their overall plan.

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Conclusion On Dating A Sociopath

Traits of a psychopath in a relationshipOne of the biggest challenges a person may face when it comes to relationships, is dating a sociopath. If you think you are dating or are in love with a psychopath, you may need to seek help. Unless you do so, it could be almost impossible to break it off with them. The only way to move on, is to wholeheartedly and completely sever all contact with him or her. Trying to win arguments or prove your point, will only keep them coming back. In the end, you will lose again since sociopaths have no emotions, feelings or sympathy.

While someone you are dating may demonstrate a few of these signs, there are things to keep in mind. It could be that the person you are with is simply immature, inconsiderate or irrational. In addition, he or she may be going through some personal problems of their own. Yet even though that person may or may not be a psychopath, they still spell trouble. Sometimes, the warning signs that we are getting into a destructive or dangerous relationship, are there. We just need to read between the lines and see them for what and whom they truly are. In the majority of cases, it’s that the person, is not right for us at all.

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  • Donna M.

    August 30, 2017 at 2:24 pm

    I believe I dated a few thus far. They definitely had several of these traits which is scary. Thanks for the article.