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20 Signs That President Trump May Be A Sociopath

20 sociopath characteristics Donald Trump displaysBelieve it or not, the current President could be a psychotic leader in chief. Although some may be hesitant to accept it, Donald Trump possesses many of the characteristics of a sociopath. These 20 signs that President Trump may be a sociopath, examine his psychopathic behavior. In addition, they also highlight and substantiate his narcissistic and sociopathic tendencies which are continually on display.

Trump’s Constant Narcissistic Behavior

Donald Trump has not been clinically diagnosed as a sociopath or as having a narcissistic personality disorder. Irrespective of that, for most of his life, Trump has always been thought of as a self-centered narcissistic spoiled brat. Additionally, once he ran for office, his behavior and actions began to be scrutinized more intensively. That led to people noticing and documenting his outlandish megalomaniac demeanor. To add credence to this argument, President Trump has shown narcissistic behavior almost daily during the past year. In many cases, it appears as if he relishes in his malignant narcissism.

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Trump’s egocentricity is so common, that millions of people around the world have already accepted him that way. He is such a narcissistic bully, that it has become part of his personality. In addition, his constant bereavement of anyone who dares challenge him, is his calling card. He continually boasts about being a ruffian and working to destroy anyone who gets in his way. Sadly, his sociopathic behavior is so frequent, that Trump has managed to make his solipsism appear normal.

Unfit And Psychotic?

In truth, the vast majority of Americans and people around the world already feel that Trump is unfit to be President. His lack of interest and knowledge in policy, serve as proof. The same goes for his off the wall statements and actions. While a good deal of people may agree that Trump is unfit, they may not be ready to label him a psychopath. Nonetheless, regardless of your political affiliation, you must admit his sociopath characteristics.

Psychologist note that Trump has high functioning sociopath traits and fits the definition perfectly. Before anything, you must understand that sociopaths are not anything like the characters you see depicted in movies. They are fully functioning individuals who make up 3 to 5% of the general population.

If you are still one of those not willing to go as far as labeling the POTUS as a psychopath or sociopath, read on. These 20 signs that President Trump may be a sociopath, could help change your mind.

20 Of President Trump’s Sociopathic Characteristics

1 – Sociopaths Are Easily Flustered – An easy way to spot a sociopathic person is by their ability to be perturbed easily. Furthermore, they will instantly lash out once they feel you have offended them.

If there is one trait which affirms Trump’s sociopathic tendencies, it is his ability to be flustered quickly. Plus, he lashes out to anyone who dares challenge or offend him in any way.

2 – Emotionally Shallow – Most sociopaths have a limited capacity when it comes to feeling love. It is why whenever there are events which necessitate emotions, they are unable or incapable of showing them.

Continually, President Trump has shown a comatose mindset and behavior towards events which required emotions on his part. He fails to connect with victims of tragic events during his press conferences. Case in point was the recent deaths of Navy soldiers and the Harvey storm victims in Texas.

3 – Are Charming, Entertaining and Charismatic – When you meet a psychopathic person, he or she will win you over instantly. They are very polite when the first meet someone. In addition, they are also very charming and charismatic. Sociopaths are also a ton of fun and very entertaining.

President Trump matches all four of these traits perfectly. He is very entertaining and charming. It is one of the things which made so many people vote for him. He also displayed these qualities in his Television show and his business dealings.

4 – Appearance Is Top Priority – Narcissistic individuals are always obsessed with their appearance. At the same time, most are not always the best looking person in the group. Nonetheless, they go through great lengths to be immaculate in their appearance. Their hair, nails, clothes and anything pertaining to their appearance, is top priority.

Donald Trump’s fascination and emphasis on his appearance has been well documented for decades. He even boasts about how much time he spends taking care of himself to make sure he looks immaculate. People often joke that the POTUS spends hours each morning in the White House stressing his hairdo.

5 – Convinced You Deserve What They Do To You – Whenever a sociopath or narcissistic person does something to hurt you, they believe you deserved it. No matter how painful or inhumane the action may have been, in their hearts they feel you had it coming.

POTUS Trump has been accused of groping and assaulting numerous women. However, although he denied it in each instance, he still went on to suggest they deserved what happened to them.

6 – Find Loopholes In The Law – People often think that sociopaths are lawbreakers. But, that is not the case since they typically follow the law. At the same time though, they make it their mission to rise to power. This way, they are in a better position to manipulate the laws. Once they achieve this goal, they can then make their behavior tolerable or lawful.

Donald has been accused of breaking the law numerous times when it comes to his business dealings and personal life. In fact, he has been sued by thousands of people and is presently facing lawsuits. He also refuses to release his tax returns. Most agree that it is because of the shady dealings which will come to light if he does. His infamous quip during the presidential debates about being “Smart” for not paying taxes is further proof of this tendency.

7 – Shows Skills Or Understanding About Certain Things – A sociopathic person can win you over with their impressive display of knowledge or skills. It could be any one thing, but they are very good at making it appear as though they are great at it. The problem is that the skills or knowledge they display, is often fake or circumscribed.

Over and over again, Trump has bragged about how much of a great business man he is. In fact, it is part of why he won the Presidency since people voted for him due to his entrepreneurial acumen. However, Trump has failed in most of his business enterprises and ventures. He has filed for bankruptcy numerous times as a way to get out of not paying for his ineptitude. His inability to understand Presidential policy has also been well documented during the past year.

8 – Sociopaths Love Leadership Roles – Narcissistic behavior and mentality demand being in a leadership role. Every narcissistic or sociopathic person wants nothing more than to be a leader. But, just because they want to be commanders, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are good at it. Still, their drive and mental need to be in charge, pushes them to those placements of power.

From the beginning Trump has wanted to be a leader when he worked with his father. In each case though, Donald’s dealings resulted in losses and bad deals. The same goes for his presidency. Although he won, he has not proven to be a great leader and has only managed to talk about doing great things. Seven months into his presidency, and there is still nothing that he has done worth noting.

9 – Love Name-Dropping – A typical sociopath characteristic is name-dropping. Since they have to promote themselves at all costs, narcissist and sociopaths must drop the names of others. It is all part of their quest to make themselves appear better than everyone else.

President Trump has continually been caught name-dropping. He loves using the names of others and has done so numerous times. He did this during his run for president and after he won. Searches for Donald Trump name-dropping provide ample results to prove this trait.

10 – World’s Biggest Liars – Believe it or not, only .01 percent of what a sociopath says is true. They don’t just lie about big things, they lie about everything. They tell so many lies, that they get angry when you confront them with the truth.

Donald Trump presently holds the record as the President who has told more lies than any other POTUS in history. His lies are not just things such as his reason for failing to release his taxes. They consist of stupid lies which often make no sense whatsoever. Even when confronted with irrefutable facts about the lies he tells, he continues to push them as facts.

Trump’s 20 High Functioning Sociopath Traits

What is a narcissistic psychopath

11 – Always Make Conversations About Them – No matter what you talk to a sociopath about, they want to be the focus of the topic. They have a propensity of making every conversation about themselves. Even in instances where you may be speaking about an incurable illness or death, they turn the discussion back to them.

During numerous conferences and interviews about topics which had nothing to do with Donald, he somehow always managed to make it about himself. President Trump is notorious for his proclivity to turn the focus back to him. Throughout the hurricane in Texas, Trump managed to keep the focus on what was truly important to him; himself.

12 – Think They Are Better Than Everyone Else – All sociopaths believe they are not only better than you, but greater than everyone else. As if that wasn’t enough, their condescension is constantly on display. Since they are egotistical in every sense of the word, they believe they are superior beings. They love to hold anyone in contempt, as a way to stay in control. It is part of the reason sociopathic behavior is almost impossible to cure.

Trump is infamous for believing he is better than anyone else. His presumption for superiority, has always been one of Trump’s most recognized sociopathic symptoms. During his campaign Trump boasted that “Only I alone can fix it” when it came to most problems. He also has said that “He knows more about ISIS than the generals.”

13 – Are Extremely Materialistic – Everyone loves nice things and wants the best of everything. However, sociopaths have a higher tendency of displaying and boasting about their material possessions. Furthermore, they want people to believe that the version they own, is better than others. Even if they obtained a good deal on an item, they will keep it to themselves as a way to make the item seem more valuable.

Donald’s ostentatious lifestyle, reeks of sociopathic narcissist traits. President Trump is constantly reminding people about his possessions and wealth. In addition, all of Trump’s signature hotels are emblazoned with gold and expensive marble to emphasize his fortune. He is incessantly boasting about how much better his hotels or other things he owns, are when compared to others.

14 – Require Incessant Compliments & Extreme Admiration – Getting on the good side of a sociopathic person is easy since they love being complimented and admired. In fact, they require it incessantly and continuously. Sociopaths are extremely vulnerable to flattery. They love it so much that they will go out of their way to seek compliments.

Putin did his homework on President Trump’s vulnerability to flattery. Donald became enthralled once the Russian dictator paid him a compliment. His susceptibility to compliments raised warnings from the CIA, security agencies and numerous intelligence experts. They saw how easy it was to manipulate Trump by simply paying him a compliment.

15 – Overly Sexually Promiscuous – If you’re in a relationship with a sociopath, be prepared to be cheated on. They are extremely promiscuous when it comes to sex since it is an integral part of their scheme. It is a tool they use to manipulate and control lovers. And because they have no emotional feelings, it is very easy to jump from one woman to the next.

President Trump is infamous for his womanizing and infidelities. He has cheated on both of his ex-wives and boasted about his philandering on numerous occasions. Donald loves being around women and having his way with them. Many say it is one of the reasons he owned the Miss Universe beauty pageant.

16 – Love Social Media – Narcissist and sociopaths adore social media platforms. It provides a perfect opportunity to showcase their status. They are also able to maintain their stature posting self-promoting things. Sociopaths also love to post attractive images of themselves to showcase themselves.

Trump is notorious for his incessant Twitter usage. In fact, no President in history uses social media as much as Donald does. He uses it to promote himself and attack anyone whom Trump feels has crossed him.

17- Are Prone To Making Excuses – Psychologist have noted that sociopaths and narcissist, love making excuses. They use them so much that it is part of their characteristics. These people are incapable of accepting blame and love passing the buck. In their world, everyone else is responsible for things that go wrong.

President Trump has an affinity for making excuses regardless of the situation. Who can forget his excuses during the debate where he blamed the microphone and everything else for his poor performance. There are also countless of excuses for not releasing his tax return and for his son’s meeting in the Russia-email scandal.

18 – Lack Empathy – One of the things which makes a sociopathic person so scary, is their lack of empathy. They are incapable of feeling any remorse for things they have done or things that happen to you. However, they will use your emotions, as a way to connect with you. In addition, sociopaths never understand the emotional chaos they cause due to their actions.

During his run for president and after, Trump has continually displayed his lack of empathy. He displayed it during his confrontations with the Khans, Alicia Machado and Senator John McCain. Most recently, Donald was chastised for his lack of empathy. This happened during his visit to Texas for Hurricane Harvey and his off-the-wall press conference where he blamed “Many sides”.

19 – Conversation Manipulators – Every narcissistic person wants one thing during a conversation with you and that is to talk about themselves. Your views or feelings are second and are not part of their plan. In the event that you disagree with a sociopath, be prepared to be ignored, dismissed or corrected. In addition, they will interrupt you as much as possible to bring the focus back onto themselves.

President Trump made his rise in the primary because of his constant interruptions and outrageous outbursts. He displayed the same traits during the presidential debates. He constantly interrupted Clinton and the moderators. Even now he continues to be a conversation hoarder by ignoring, interrupting and accusing reporters of being bias.

20 – Enjoys Victim Blaming, Smearing & Shaming – Sociopaths are notorious for blaming their victims. That’s because it is so difficult for them to accept responsibility for anything they have done. Furthermore, they believe their victims should be grateful for whatever they did to them. In the event that things don’t end well, a sociopath will smear his or her victims. They will do so anywhere possible and as loud as they can.

If there is one thing Trump is renowned for, is for victim blaming, smearing and shaming. All of his legal woes and lawsuits have always been because of the other person’s mistakes, not his. The same for the women who accused him of rape or sexual harassment. One can simply type “Trump loves blaming his victims” and find millions of related stories.

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Conclusion On Donald Trump’s Sociopathic Characteristics

Besides all of these 20 signs that President Trump may be a sociopath, there are several others we could have noted. Still, these twenty are more than enough to underscore Trump’s sociopathic characteristics. In the end though, only a professional psychiatrist who treats him can make a medical evaluation with conclusive results. However, when you have so many signs about a person’s behavior and characteristics, it is easy to make an educated assessment for yourself.

Irrespective of what you believe about Trump, you must acknowledge his grandiose attitude and narcissistic personality. Even if he’s not a sociopath, he has demonstrated sufficient correlating attributes which make him a narcissist. For any normal person in the world, that uncertainty can be overlooked and even accepted. But when you are talking about a man holding the most powerful position in the world, that doubt is terrifying.