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25 Things Most People Take For Granted Daily

Top things we take for granted listSure, life is tough, challenging and difficult to deal with. Often times, we consider giving up or wonder if it’s all worth it. We question our very own existence and sulk about bad things that happen to us. But in reality, if you really look at it, we all have so much to be grateful for. The problem is that most of us take all of those things we should be appreciative of, for granted. The thing about taking something or someone for granted, is that we assume or expect it to be there without reservation.

No matter what kind person it is, or what part of the world they are from, chances are you are taking something or someone as a given. The proof is found on the things we take for granted list. In all likelihood, there are several on the compilation most of us are guilty of presupposing. Sadly, once you begin to assume that anything is a given, you lose your appreciation for it.

Furthermore, when you infer that anyone or anything is automatic, their value is gone. At least until you lose the person or thing. That is why this list of 25 things most people take for granted daily, are so important. You could have lost sight of the countless wonderful stuff you have going on in your life now. In case you forgot and have taken them as a given, here they are as a reminder.

Top Things People Take For Granted


Being Alive:

Life is the most beautiful and essential function for being in this world. Being alive is something that we should all be grateful for. Life goes by too quickly and can end without warning. Sadly, often times, only those who are dying or losing it, truly appreciate and value it. It may explain the quote about youth being wasted on the young.

Being Able To Hear:

Can you imagine what the world would be like without music? Now think what it would mean to not be able to hear anything at all? Your favorite TV shows or movies, would have to be only seen and not heard. The same for the voices of those you love and are around you. The capability to hear is something millions of people around the world don’t have.

The Ability To Use Your Legs:

How many times have you ever gotten upset about having to walk somewhere far? Perhaps this morning you wanted to go for an exercise run and were unable to. If you were upset for that one instance, imagine those which it happens to every day! Having the capability to walk, run, jump and use your legs is awesome.


Are you going to stay in bed late today? Maybe you decided you are not going to work or to school. Or it could be you want to go somewhere or do nothing, for no particular reason. Being free to do whatever you choose, is a wonderful thing. While there may be some limitations to what you can do, you are still free to do whatever you want. Think about how many people in this day and age, are still captive or unable to do what they want.

Eating Or Drinking:

Enjoying your cup of coffee this morning? How about that delicious lunch or dinner? Having the capacity to eat and drink should be appreciated. Not just because there are some individuals in the world who cannot do it due to illness or something else. But, because there are millions of people somewhere in the world right now, who have nothing to eat or drink.

Reading This Article:

If you are able to read this article, then you have eyesight and access to it. That is something which we don’t even think about. Perhaps you are reading this on a Smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop. Most importantly, you are able to read it, which means you can see! Not only are there people who don’t have accessibility to things, they are not able to see at all. Be thankful for your eyesight since it is one of the things which lets us see everything around us.

Your Possessions:

We all want the best things in life. Some of us want expensive items that only the rich and famous can afford. That tends to make us feel as if what we have is not valuable or good enough. But, you have clothes, TV, a car, bike, cell phone and countless of other items in your possession. Sure, others may have far more expensive things than you. Yet there are many who would give their lives to have just one, or a few of the items you have now.

Running Water:

Did you brush your teeth this morning? Did you take a hot or cold shower? Perhaps you took a sip of water from the faucet in your kitchen. Running water is a luxury in some countries. Millions around the world have never seen it or experienced it. Perhaps they never will. Be thankful that you have running water and have access to clean water as well.


How many times did you curse the traffic jams this morning? Perchance your train or bus was late and you grumbled all the way to work. Still, the privilege of transportation at your disposal should never be overlooked. Irrespective of how bad the traffic was, if you have a car, bike or some means to get to and from wherever you want, consider yourself lucky.

The Internet:

It is hard to believe that decades ago, people actually went about their lives each day without internet. These days, most of us would go crazy without internet access since we depend on it for everything. Between social media, news and access to whatever we want, there is so much the world wide web offers us. However, remember that there are still many people in the world with only limited or no access to the web. Next time your Wi-Fi or internet goes down for a few minutes, be thankful it is not permanent.

You Have A Home:

Did you see that homeless person begging for a handout this morning? No one will chide you for not giving him or her some chump change from your pocket. However, you should be very thankful that you have a roof over your head. Having a home, apartment or place to go to each day, is something that we should all be appreciative of.

Uninterrupted Electricity:

Funny thing about having something uninterrupted, is that we tend to overlook it. Continual electricity is a luxury the vast majority of Americans take for granted. It is only during natural disasters or malfunctions, that people lose their power in the USA or most major countries in the world. Nonetheless, a great deal of individuals do not have the lavishness of 24/7 electricity.

Technology At Your Fingertips:

Don’t you just love that fun App on your Smartphone? How about the capability of watching that program your DVR recorded for you while at work? There are many wonderful technological advancements we enjoy these days. These smart gadgets allow us to do things some people only dream about. And they make our lives so much simplified and easier.

Your Health:

Those of us who are healthy and fit, should consider ourselves lucky. Being in perfect health is by far one of the greatest gifts anyone can hope for. Too many people around the world are dying or experiencing some form of illness. It is not until we come down with a cold, flu or some sort of sickness, that we truly appreciate being healthy. But, once we recover, most of us tend to take our excellent health for granted all over again.

Having Access To Credit Or Money:

You may be upset that you have a few credit card bills to pay and not enough money to pay them. Other times, you could be angry for not having enough money in your account. Still, having access to credit or money at your disposal cannot be overlooked. It is much easier for you to pay your bills or buy things you want for yourself. You also have the option to purchase gifts for people during holidays or special days because of that credit or money you have saved. Sure, we all want more money and wish we could pay all of our bills, go on vacation, buy more luxurious things. But, it is better to have a little, than nothing at all as many do today.

Our Senses Capabilities:

We mentioned the ability to hear and see at the top of the list of things we take for granted. But, there are also other senses which we should be appreciative of. Possessing the ability to touch, smell, taste, talk, walk and love, joy, trust are tremendous and awesome. These senses and emotions enable us to interact and move about perfectly in the world. Imagine a world without one or several of these senses? Unfortunately for some, that is a reality.

Friends And Family:

Yes we all have family members who get on our nerves. We also know a few friends whom we may want to punch in the face at times. But, having friends and family is a wonderful thing. These are the people who can be there for us when we most need them. They also make our world a much better place to live. Remember, all families have problems among each other and no friends are perfect. At the same time, if you have family and friends, you are blessed.

Your Employment:

Statistics show a large number of people are dissatisfied with their employment. In fact, many actually despise their jobs which is why we wrote 9 Ways To Deal With A Job You Hate. But, even if you hate your present employment, be thankful that you have a job. There are millions of Americans and people all over the world without a good steady job. They would do anything to be in your position. If you don’t have a job, then you have many opportunities to obtain one. These day, finding employment is easier than ever.

Ability To Work From Home:

For those people who don’t want to work for anyone or cannot find a job in an office, they can work from home. Today, with so much happening on the internet, finding work at home is easier than ever. Many people have the freedom to work from home and do whatever they want. You can check for numerous ways to make money from the comfort of your home.

Stable Mother Nature:

Recently, there have been several hurricanes, earthquakes and natural disasters going on in the world. At times like these, we should be delighted and thankful that we are not on the path or at the receiving end of those calamities. Nature is awe-inspiring and provides us with the necessities we all need to live. Let’s be grateful for a stable mother nature and not being in the path of any natural disasters.

Someone That Loves You:

When it comes to relationships, one of the things which leads to destroying them, is taking a person for granted. If you have someone that loves you, be sure to let them know how much they mean to you. As humans, we tend to relax and take the love from our significant other, as a given. This is a crucial and catastrophic mistake people make every day. Take a moment to truly appreciate the person who loves you. All the money in the world can’t compare to having someone that loves you dearly. Let your partner know how much they mean to you and never take them for granted.

In case you may have someone who loves you, here are 10 Tips For Apologizing To Your Partner


Whether you have kids of your own or can interact with other people’s kids, children are a wonderful gift of life. They are the reason life continues to go on each day. Sure, they may drive us crazy from time to time. But, children also provide us with many breathtaking and beautiful moments. Hug your child today or your niece or nephew. Smile at the children you see on your way to work and remember they are our future.

Stable Government:

When it comes to politics, there will never be total agreement between individuals with dissenting views. Some people will have problems with decisions made by branches in the government. Still, having a stable and functioning government, is a great thing. The freedom to choose your representatives and criticize freely about those that are in power, is also important. There are parts in the world where people do not have a functioning or stable government in place now. Or cannot take part in choosing those who govern over them.

Your Parents:

For those that have both or at least one of their parents alive and well, count your blessings. Not only are they the reason we are alive today, they also deserve our respect and love. Our parents make great sacrifices for us in order to help us be the best we can be. Regretfully, in most cases, it is not until you lose one or both of them, that you can truly appreciate them.

The Universe:

Look around you and notice the flowers, sun, moon, trees and stars. Check out the mountains, rivers, the sea and all that the universe has to offer us. There is so much to love and treasure when it comes to the universe we live in. Take a deep breath and let it sink in. We are truly lucky to live in such a wonderful world.

Conclusion On Things We Take For Granted

While we only added 25 things on the list of things people take as a given, there are many more we can mention. Depending on how you look at life, you can be thankful for countless of situations every day. We know some people can complain about not being able to afford a pair of expensive sneakers or shoes. However, there is also someone in the world wishing they had the feet to wear any pair at all.

That is why reading this list of the things we all take for granted, may lead some to reflect on them in a positive manner. On the other hand, a few may simply continue to take them for granted or think they are no big deal. Unfortunately, that is your choice to make. As with all things in life, a person has to go through their own experience in order to truly understand the warning signs. Let these things be a reminder that nothing in life is guaranteed. And that sadly, most of us only see it that way, until after we lose them.