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50 Awesome Pictures Taken at the Right Time

Top 50 picture taken at the right momentThey say a picture is worth a thousand words. Now imagine how much more for a photograph taken at exactly the right moment. These 50 breathtaking and funny pictures taken at the right moment prove that.

50 amazingly timed photographs

Any great photographer will tell you that timing is everything; especially when it comes to taking the perfect photograph or capturing the right moment on film. A few seconds off and you could miss having one of the most awesome photos ever. Not pressing that button on the camera at the right moment and you could miss making history.

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photos clicked at right moment

While some of these photos may not win the “International Photographer of the Year” award, they will get a few chuckles from you as well as a few raised eyebrows. It takes a lot of skill to do this because these are photos clicked at right moment.

pictures taken at just the right time

While some may call these perfectly timed photos, those in the pictures may feel they are pictures taken at the wrong time. That’s because some of the people in the images have been caught in awkward or embarrassing positions. Nonetheless, they are perfectly timed photos which are funny, shocking and magnificent.

perfectly timed photos of girls

The best sports photos taken at the right moment

50 Of The Most Perfectly Timed Photos

We have also included several sports photos taken at the right moment such as the one above. Since sports present fast-moving situations, catching the actions is a bit more difficult for photographers. Kudos goes out to them for being able to take these perfectly timed pics.

Sports pictures taken at just the right moment

50 amazingly timed photographs

Some of these images will make you laugh and giggle, while others will leave you breathless and mesmerized. In all, most are just flat out captivating and unbelievable.

50 amazing perfectly timed photos

We all heard a guy say he’s flipped over a girl sometime in his life. But, this man in the photo actually proves it. Here’s another reason to appreciate photos taken at exactly the right moment as we contemplate on the photograph. He sure looks calm for a guy going head over heels over this pretty girl.

Great photos taken at exactly the right moment

While not all of us could be great photographers, we all love taking pictures. Whether it’s with our cell phones, digital cameras or tablets, most of us will jump at the chance to capture something on film.

Top best timed photos funny

50 perfectly timed shots

Especially now with social media sites such as Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. These are sites where people love to share photos and videos of just about anything.

Funny photos taken at the perfect time

Some of the snapped at the right moment photos were taking during Baseball games or some kind of sports events. Others seemed to be taken by someone who just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

most perfectly timed photos ever captured online

funny pictures caught at the right moment

None of these images were altered or retouched by anyone of us here at This does not mean any one of the photos included in this gallery, were not Photoshopped by someone else.

perfectly timed pictures you must see

Take a look at this photograph of a bubble being burst by a person’s finger while at the same time being caught on film. It all leads to an amazing piece of photography. This is one time where it is okay for the person to bust or burst the bubble! Great photo.

photos taken just at the right time

These days it is hard to tell what is actually real or fake when it comes to images and videos. With people being able to skillfully use programs on their computers, it is hard to know which are actually real or altered.

The best timed photos ever

The best pictures taken at the right time

With that said, can you imagine a world without cameras, programs or gadgets? It would be really hard to bear since we love to capture and photograph just about anything these days.

funny pictures at the right time

Our brave men & women in the armed forces out there protecting us from the evils of the world. They are looked upon as heroes and rightly so. These soldiers put their lives in danger day & night to protect us & ensure our safety and freedom. Some might consider them our “Guardian Angels” which helps make this picture even more poetic and significant. The silhouette of the angel’s wings behind this soldier make this photo an amazing piece of photography.

picture caught at the right moment

In truth, snapping a right moment photo is often about luck. Other times, people seem to plan them to appear the way they want to.

50 funny photos taken at the right moment

50 perfectly taken pictures
Still, the next time you click on that camera you just might catch something amazing and awesome. And it could end up on an article such as this for being taken at the right moment, the right place and the right time!

amazing photos taken at the right time

epic perfectly timed photos

Check out another bonus photograph for all of you that are motorcycle fans and racing enthusiasts out there. This ‘Motorcycle rider flip’ version is truly amazing. Even if you don’t really like motorcycles, you have appreciate this breathtaking shot captured at perfect and exact moment before disaster struck. Great picture!

perfect moment pics

Pictures Taken At The Best Time

When it comes to pictures taken at just the right angle, some of them happen by accident, luck or the skill of the photographer. There are others where it is all about placing a person in the perfect position with an object, animal or item.

50 of the most perfectly timed photos ever taken

Still, in each instance, the cameraman caught the perfect moment on film.
Top photos caught at the right moment

50 pictures took at the right time

50 photos taken at the right moment

We all seen baseball games where fans in the stands either scramble for a foul ball or run to get out of it’s way and avoid getting hit. Once in a while you may have a ‘Foul Bat’ when a player swings and let’s go of the bat he was using and it goes off into the bleachers. This is what happened here in this photo. However, the quick handed fan with the hat on pictured in the photo not only grabbed the bat before it hit someone, he also managed not to spill his beer in his other hand!

50 sports photos taken at the right moment

We still have many photos on this amazingly timed pictures gallery on this article. One of those photos is this one of an epic moment between a cup, an insect and a helicopter. All three combine to bring us one breathtaking shot. Let us not forget the sunset in the background as well as the photographer behind the photo.


Fifty amazing right time images

Some of the shots could have very well been just random shots taken by regular people. Still, one way or another, they ended up capturing an awesome moment and made photography history. Others were the great and skillful work of masterful photographers doing what they do best.

Awesome pictures caught at the right moment

The best 50 photos taken at the right time

The following are two of those crazy sports pics at the right moments photos. One is during a motorcycle bike racing incident. To see both the motorcycle and the driver in mid-air without either touching the ground is awesome and magnificent to look at.

best sports pictures taken at the right time

The other one happened during a soccer match. It appears to be an attempt at a player to kick the soccer ball which went bad.

sports pictures taken at just the right moment

One of the most poignant or embarrassing moments to have your pictures taken is during the moment you are riding a roller coaster ride.

cameraman caught the perfect moment photos

Unless of course you are one of those people who really enjoy them and don’t get freaked out such as the image below.

Very funny photos taken at the right time

The next perfectly timed photographs of animals are breathtaking. Some are of cats caught at the right moment by the camera. The following cat photos taken at just the right moment resulted in two these felines becoming internet sensations.

Animal photos captured at the perfect moment

funny pictures taken at the right moment

We also have one of a squirrel with its hands up as if to say “Peace” or waving. All of these just in time pictures of animals are simply amazing.

Animal photos caught at the right time

These images are one of the reasons you have to love the wonderful world of photography and all the skillful people behind it. It can also make you appreciate photos taken at the exact right time.

cool pictures taken at the right moment

These images can make you enjoy and appreciate life, mother nature and all the wonderful creatures of this world.

Amazing pictures captured at the right moment

Top 50 pictures taken at the perfect moment

Here are some more of those amazing perfectly timed photos that makes you appreciate the art of photography. The following photos were taken from just the right angle and at the right moment. Those two combinations help to make it a right place right time photos.

50 of the the most perfectly timed photos

photos taken in the right moment

Certain instances led to hilarious pics taken at the right moment such as the image we see below.

funny photos taken at the right moment

Here is another one of those pictures taken at exactly the right time and angle. This statue of Jesus seems as if he’s trying to grab the plane passing by. The photo is awe-inspiring and majestic; especially to those who are religious.

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pictures taken at the exact right time

Top 50 most perfectly timed photos

The best pictures taken at the right moment

We sure hope you have enjoyed these breathtaking, inspiring, funny and stunning 50 perfectly timed photos in this gallery. Please follow us on Facebook to keep up with the latest articles and photos we have here at Tips21.