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9 Ways To Deal With A Job You Hate

How to deal with a miserable jobOne of the most difficult things to cope with, is working in a job which makes you feel miserable. Unfortunately, working in a job they despise, is quite common for many people. These 9 ways to deal with a job you hate, may offer a solution.

Conversations and grumblings about job dissatisfaction are rampant. Perhaps you told someone my job is making me suicidal. Or that your job makes you feel depressed and full of anxiety. To make matters worse, even though your job is causing you depression, anger and restlessness, you can’t quit.

How To Cope With A Job That Makes You Miserable

The harsh reality is that a large majority of us, have bad days at work. And in most cases, individuals typically learn to deal with it. After all, most people don’t actually enjoy going to work ritually. However, there is a huge difference between having bad days at work, and loathing going there each day. For some people, they may be getting to the point where others already find themselves. That means that you hate your job, but you’re not actually suicidal or at the brink of insanity. While that may sound drastic or too crazy, many individuals actually feel like this.

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Before anything, let’s go over some signals that your job is already making you miserable. If you find yourself agreeing with these signs, then it spells bad news for you. It means that pretty soon (if you’re not already there) you will start to feel hopeless and woeful.

Signs Your Job Is Making You Miserable

Jobs making people feel miserable, depressed and suicidal are at all time high. If you look in the internet, you can find hundreds of searches about how to survive a miserable job. In fact, ‘my job is making me miserable’ has millions of queries each day. Below, are 9 clues to see if your job is making you crazy, wretched and gloomy.

See how many of these signs you agree and identify with.

  1. Everything about your employment makes you feel bleak and negative.
  2. Getting up in the Morning to go to work is getting harder each day. You spend minutes each morning thinking about ways to get out of going to work.
  3. You are constantly complaining about your job. In fact, you spend more time and energy talking about how much you hate your job, than anything else.
  4. You keep thinking about work even when you are not in the office. Instead of relaxing and clearing your mind, you think about what will happen once you are back in there.
  5. Co-workers are annoying and you no longer want to socialize with most – or all – of them.
  6. You are feeling depressed all the time or are getting sick more often. Most people get colds, flu and other ailments due to high stress. Too much stress means your immune system is low and you can get sick frequently.
  7. Everything and anything bothers you all the time while you are at work.
  8. You are constantly calling in sick or taking leave of absence from work. In most cases, you rather stay home than go to work.
  9. Getting started on your job duties takes longer each day. You dawdle as much as possible before finally doing your work.

If you can relate to at least 5 or more of these signs, then you have an enormous problem in your hands. Chances are before long, you will reach a boiling point. That’s if you haven’t already since this is happening to more people than most of us realize. Believe it or not “unhappy at work better learn to fake it” is actually things people look for answers to online. So if you are at that boiling point or may be reaching it, what can you do? Are there options if you feel stuck in your job and depressed all the time? What solutions, if any, are there for those who are unhappy at work but can’t quit?

Fortunately, there are a few suggestions which may help you deal with a job that’s causing you depression and anxiety. Although these tips may not be an instant cure, they could potentially make things easier for you to cope with. Give these 9 ways to deal with a job you hate a try, and see how many of them can make a difference for you.

Try To Find The Root Of The Problem

Before you can begin to tackle a problem, you have to know the root cause of it. Feelings of despair, stress and hopelessness can be caused by different reasons. What is personally making you feel that way? Are there too many responsibilities and duties for you to handle? Or perhaps you are not being challenged enough. Is it another co-worker or your boss? There is also the possibility that those you are working with as a team, are not a good fit for you. Whatever is making you feel miserable at work, try changing it if you can.

Solution: Instead of simply accepting your fate, change it. Begin by talking to your boss and telling him or her, how you feel. If you have too much work, or are not happy with your team, ask for a transfer. For those that find their tasks not challenging enough, request projects that are more rewarding.

Make A Pros And Cons List

Being unhappy or miserable about your job is a state of mind and can be changed. A great place to start, is by listing the good and the bad. Make a list detailing all the pros and cons about your employment. Be specific and write all the things you hate and why you hate it. Do you want more money? Is your job too far from home? Is your boss rude or mean? Can you get a promotion sometime in the future? Are there more challenging options available?

Solution: Once you have all of the pros and cons listed, seek to change those that you can. Especially the negative reasons you hate it. If there are no pros or only a few that are not that important, you may need to find alternative options. If there is no good reason for you to stay at your position, then finding another job may be the best solution.

Start Making A Plan

You made your list of pros and cons and there is really nothing good about your job worth noting. At this point, it may be time to plan ahead. If for some reason you feel that there is something else you rather be doing to be happy, start making a plan. Doing something you hate can end up paralyzing you mentally and emotionally.

Solution: Start to think about what may make you happier at your present job and do something about it. If there is a promotion on the horizon, set your goal on that. If you would rather be doing something else to be happy and earn more money, then begin working on it. Take classes online or find a course you are interested in, near you.

Change Your Attitude

Not all of us are lucky enough to have jobs that we love or enjoy doing. But, we all do have responsibilities and bills to pay. That means unless you can find a better job, you are stuck with the one you have. Although you may feel as if you are trapped in a job you hate, shift your perspective. Think about the millions of people around the world who would love to be where you are.

Solution: While you may be angry because there are shoes you can’t afford to buy, think about the person with no money or feet to wear shoes at all. Changing your outlook and attitude, can put things in perspective. Sure, things could be better. However, they could also be a lot worse. There is always a bright side to everything. In addition, a great attitude can make you see things in a positive light. In the end, if you are never appreciative of what you have now, you may never really be no matter what other job you find.

Share Or Reduce The Work Load

One of the most common gripes people often have about their jobs, is the workload. Too often, we take on more than we can handle. Some of us have trouble letting others do things we feel we can do better than them. Other times though, you are simply given more work than you are obligated or required to perform.

Solution: Try sharing the workload with someone else on your team. Stop taking on more than what you can handle. If there is a way, tell your boss you are doing more than what your job calls for. Keep in mind things such as company cuts and timing though. The company could possibly be going through a downsizing phase or your boss may be in a bad mood. In times such as these, it may not be prudent so you may have to wait.

Shorten Your Hours

A significant reason why people often hate their jobs is because of the amount of hours they work. You may be working so many hours, that you have no energy or time for anything else. Not being able to spend time with your family, spouse or friends, can lead to stress. While this option may not be for everyone, it can make an immersive difference if it’s a possibility for you.

Solution: Try to reduce the amount of hours you are working; even if it’s only a few hours a week. See if you can take some work home to make things easier. Asking your boss for a reduction in hours to regain your strength and energy, is also another option. Tell him or her that you need time to refocus and re energize. Inform them that your attitude, production levels, amount of stress and overall outlook, will vastly improve (Which is actually quite true).

Find And Use Support

Going through a rough time alone can be very difficult. The same goes for keeping things bottled up and not having someone to share them with. Having someone to help you deal with the stress and anxiety from work, can make a world of difference. The same goes for having someone to share your feelings and problems with. Just be sure to avoid talking to a co-worker though. For one, they may be going through the same things you are. Secondly, they could use your gripping against you to get in trouble or fired later on.

Solution: Talk to your spouse, friends or family members. There are even support groups online or in your community to help people deal with these issues. The world is full of people thinking of quitting their job because of anxiety and stress. Find others who feel as you do, or have gone through a similar situation for support.

Don’t Give Up On Your Present Job

The worst mistake you can make on your current job, is to give up on it completely. You may have started coming in late all the time or have been slacking on your duties. The problem is that if you give up on your present job, you will lose out in several ways. For one, your chances of moving up or getting a promotion, will be limited. Secondly, if you plan on leaving your job, what kind of reference will they give you?

Solution: Focus on the long-game plan and do your best. If you become more productive, it can lead to several benefits. First of all, things will move along easier and faster for you. Second, you could end up getting a promotion or noticed. Most importantly, your attitude will change and you will feel better about yourself and your job.

Concentrate On Other Things

Once you have tried and found nothing good about your present employment, it may be time to change your focus. Start concentrating on other things in your life and divert your energy to them. Don’t let your job become your primary and only concern.

Solution: Focus on your relationships with that special someone or a family member. Find a hobby or activity to take away your mind from the daily work stress. Keep your dreams alive and remember there could be better things waiting for you down the line. You can even become a volunteer in your neighborhood. Concentrating on helping others, may let you see just how lucky you are and could put things in perspective.

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When all is said and done, if you still feel that there is no way to change how you feel about your job, then the only solution is changing it. Whatever reasons you have for not wanting to change your job, can’t be more important than your sanity and happiness. In the end, stress and feeling miserable can wind up affecting other areas in your life. Your relationships and health, could shift to worse. Once that happens, you will have those things to deal with, on top of a job you already despise.