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    Cheap Celebrity Tippers – Top Ten Cheapest Celebrities

    Cheap Celebrity Tippers – Top Ten Cheapest Celebrities


    Get ready to find out about some of the world’s cheapest tipping celebrities out there today as we name the top ten cheap celebrity tippers around. These are considered by many to be the top ten cheapest richest celebrities around. While tips are generally given as a courtesy and are not mandatory, they are considered by many of us a way of saying ‘Thank you for great service’ or job well done to those who attend us. Whether it’s a waiter, maitre d’ or that nice valet parking attendant, tipping is expected in most circumstances by people in general. There are times however, when one may choose not to tip or maybe leave a small tip though. If the services were terrible, food was bad or something like that then it can be justified to not leave what some would consider a reasonable tip to the person(s) who attended us. Nevertheless, there are those who have quite a lot more than we do to give & accumulate larger tabs than we could even imagine. These are the people who have made this list.


    Cheap Celebrity Tippers

    We all know celebrities have money. Some of them have tons of it. There are many famous people and celebrities who are very generous when it comes to tipping. President Obama ended up leaving a $200 tip when a group of campaign volunteers and the president stopped at a restaurant in Washington, D.C. to eat some burgers. Then there is the actor Johnny Depp who has been reported once tipping an astounding $1,500 tip for a $2,600 meal the actor and his friends had while he was filming the movie Public Enemies. It is also reported that Johnny once gave a very lucky waiter a whopping $4,000 tip for his services.

    Cheap Celebrity Tippers – Top Ten Cheapest Celebrities

    While no one expects all celebrities and famous people to be as generous as Mr. Depp, there are some who commit a double foul. We are referring particularly to celebrities who demand extra attention and ask for preferential treatment. They demand to be seated without reservations, have the establishment opening and closing hours extended just for them and then refuse or ignore to tip the people who went out of the way to accommodate them. These are some celebrities out there who have been labeled as really cheap people and cheap tippers. We have put together a list here of some of the top known celebrity cheapskates & scrooges out there today. Some of the entries will surprise you or maybe not.

    Top Ten Cheapest Celebrities

    Cheap Celebrity Tippers – Top Ten Cheapest Celebrities - Rachel Ray10 - Rachel Ray

    Coming in at number ten is a person whose name pops up on quite a few times on lists of some of the cheapest celebrity tippers out there. The Famous TV show personality & celebrity chef and author Rachel ray has been duly noted for her lack of gratuity. According to List of the Day Rachel Ray tipped $1 on a $10 tab once. List of the day also accuses Rachel of promoting less than 20% tipping on her show. This is a show that millions of people watch. The celebrity hostess which also has three 'Food Network' series as well as 'Rachel Ray's Tasty Travels' and her $40 a day series may need to change the latter to $1 dollar a day to concur with her tipping.

    9- Bill CosbyCheap Celebrity Tippers – Top Ten Cheapest Celebrities - Bill Cosby

    In the number nine spot on the list of the cheapest tipping celebrities out there is none other than funny man and Jello Pudding spokesman Bill Cosby. The Famous celebrity and comedian whom we all loved from the popular TV show 'The Cosby Show' is considered to be frugal and a rich cheap person. Mr. Cosby appears on a few listings which would make scrooge proud. Although he is still making millions in syndication from reruns on his famous show Bill is said to have left only a measly $3 tip on a tab of more than $350. Now with a first name like 'Bill' (May we please have the bill) you would think he would be a bit more generous to those who bring him the BILL! This is all from a man who is known to preach setting a good example for today's youth. That example would be to 'keep the money for yourself and be cheap' it seems.





    Cheap Celebrity Tippers – Top Ten Cheapest Celebrities - Sean Penn8- Sean Penn

    The eighth spot on this list belongs to the notorious bad boy Sean Penn. Aside from the bad boy name, Sean is now being labeled as a bad tipper as well. It is said that Sean Penn and three of his friends had some waiters in a New Orleans restaurant waiting on them hand and foot. The staff attended Sean and his friends catering promptly to the movie star beck & call. However, when it came time to leave a tip on a $450 tab, the Bad tipper, we mean bad boy Sean Penn gave nothing. That is correct; not one cent. Sean Penn's name has made it to a few of the cheapest celebrity tippers lists as well. We know Sean is generous with his time as he was in New Orleans helping out some indigent folks. They just won't be getting a monetary tip from him though.

    Cheap Celebrity Tippers

    7- Mariah CareyCheap Celebrity Tippers – Top Ten Cheapest Celebrities - Mariah Carey

    The beautiful singer, actress and celebrity starlet Mariah Carey is duly noted as our number seventh cheapest celebrity tipper. According to Glamorati, Mariah and a very large group of her entourage were said to have kept a New York City restaurant opened very late. To make matters worse the sources said Mariah and her large group were extremely demanding and had waiters & staff running around like crazy trying to accommodate the singing diva. However, when it came time to pay the large tab no one in her party bothered to leave a tip. This despite the fact they had kept the restaurant opened after hours and had the staff at their whim.


    Cheap Celebrity Tippers – Top Ten Cheapest Celebrities - Usher6 - Usher

    The Sixth spot on this list belongs to none other than the well known singer, producer and famous celebrity star usher. According to the Stained Apron, Usher has been consistent with his stingy, cheap tipping. The website also notes that Usher is also infamous for trying to always get someone else to pick up the tab. How cheap is Usher as far as tipping goes? He is known to have left his autograph to many who waited on him in place of a tip.


    Top Ten Cheapest Celebrities

    Cheap Celebrity Tippers – Top Ten Cheapest Celebrities - Jeremy Piven5 - Jeremy Piven

    Halfway through our list and making the entrance in the number five position is none other than Actor Jeremy Piven. Jeremy is said to have arrived at an Aspen Colorado restaurant called Nobu along with a party of twelve other people without a reservation. The restaurant ended up seating him and his rather large group and served them. However, according to the manager of Nobu, Piven got up and told him "thanks for nothing" before leaving. Not to be outdone by his great entrance Jeremy then left  a signed DVD from his show Entourage as a tip. But apparently one of the Nobu employees responded by throwing the DVD back to Piven and his group as they were leaving. The restaurant also ended up banning Jeremy and asked that he never come back. While  Now while leaving a signed copy of a DVD may be better than the previous Usher tip, it was still good enough (Or bad) to earn Jeremy the tag of one of the worst tippers ever in Zimbio. Luckily for Mr. Piven there are celebrities out there who make a lot more money than he does and are even cheaper tippers which saves him from being closer to the top ten listing.



    Cheap Celebrity Tippers – Top Ten Cheapest Celebrities - Lebron James4 - Lebron James

    Inching closer to the number one spot on the top cheapest celebrities is our first athlete on this notorious list Mr. Lebron James. The Miami Heat superstar made the list by doing something most spoiled celebrities do and that is demand and get special privileges and give nothing in return. According to thefrisky.com site Lebron was at a Cleveland Steak house and had them stay open till almost 4 am so that he could finish his meal. As this wasn’t' bad enough when the bill came which was $800 Lebron left a meager $10 tip. Add this as another reason why many in Cleveland hate Lebron James these days. Ouch.


    Cheap Celebrity Tippers – Top Ten Cheapest Celebrities - Barbra Streisand3 - Barbra Streisand

    Coming in on the third spot is a celebrity and star who is constantly being labeled as not only a cheap tipper, but a very demanding and rude patron. The honor (Or dishonor) goes to the famous singer Barbra Streisand. Both Glamorati and Thefrisky say that Streisand does not always tip and when she does tip she usually leaves less then the acceptable or complimentary 10 to 20% tip. Once, while in a New York restaurant, Barbra ended up leaving only $10 tip out of a $457 check. it is safe to say that the waiters were not at all please with the star of the movie Funny Girl.


    Cheap Celebrity Tippers – Top Ten Cheapest Celebrities - Madonna2 - Madonna

    The number two spot is reserved for someone who loves being on top of the charts; Madonna. The Material girl apparently wants to keep all of her material money since she is constantly being touted as one of the worst and cheapest celebrity tippers ever. Keep in mind that Madonna has a net worth estimated at more than 100 million. If Madonna likes being on the top of the listings she has certainly earned many number one spots for being cheap. According to both Glamorati and List of the Day she is ranked number one on their list of cheap tippers. All this in a listing which contains 34 different names. She is also ranked number one in Thefrisky as well. They say that Madonna is not only a cheap tipper but sometimes doesn't even bother to leave one. To make matters worse when she does leave a tip it is usually very dismal. It is reported that once both she and her then husband Guy Ritchie ended up leaving a measly $18 tip out of a $400 tab. It is no wonder she is called the Material girl.




    Cheap Celebrity Tippers – Top Ten Cheapest Celebrities - Tiger Woods1 - Tiger Woods

    We have come to the number one spot on this listing of the world’s worst celebrity tippers. The number one cheapest tipping celebrity spot goes to someone who has a net worth of more than $500 million dollars. Tiger Woods may be the king of the golf field but he is considered a scrooge by many who have served the pro golfer. Tiger has made the list on all the listings out there which name and cite famous cheap people. Do you want to know Tiger's excuse for not tipping? He says he does not carry cash around. How ironic that this man will end up losing or giving half his net worth to his ex wife for his philandering. She will end up getting a hefty tip that is for sure. According to thefrisky it is said that Woods dated a girl from Las Vegas and she would be the one who always had to tip whenever they went out. If that wasn't bad enough, according to the site List of the Day, Mr. Woods once ended up taking a $5 tip back from a waitress after he realized he had already tipped her earlier that night. That's what you call 'Pulling a mulligan' Tiger Woods needs to be reminded what his number one sponsor says when it comes to leaving good tips to those that cater to us; Just Do it!







    Why are some People so Cheap & Stingy?

    Cheap Celebrity Tippers

    Many people who go out on the town and have a wonderful dinner which may costs about $100 to $200 dollars usually end up leaving a tip of about $10 to $30. Now most of us are not millionaires or very rich, but we do tip accordingly. So how can a person who is worth millions and are as demanding as some of the people on this list be so cheap to those who service them? No one really knows but we could speculate that maybe some of them feel that being ‘In their presence’ is a big enough tip. Or it could be that they are just flat out stingy and cheap.

    Cheap Celebrity Tippers – Top Ten Cheapest Celebrities

    Top Ten Cheapest Celebrities

    It is one thing for a person who makes a little bit of money to be careful with the way he or she may spend their hard earned cash. On the other hand, for a person with millions of dollars at their disposal who also demands extra attention, service and special treatment to be so cheap is perplexing. Now anyone can do whatever they wish with their money of course, yet there is still something called common courtesy. Giving someone a tip is usually one of the best ways to show your appreciation for their services. After all these people do handle they food you are going to be eating! To be demanding of someone who is serving you, or to treat them with disdain and lack of respect is bad enough. To make them go through that and not leave them a tip is even worse. So here is a good tip; next time you are in a position to reward someone who serves you give them the tip they deserve!

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