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The Cheapest And Most Generous Celebrity Tippers

The worst & most generous celebrity tippersBeing rich, famous and cheap are awful combinations. Unfortunately, there are many well-known athletes and celebrities out there who are exactly that way. They have become notorious for being stingy, and cheap when it comes to those who serve them. Worse than that, some of these famous rich folks are often rude and demeaning to the staff as well.

This guide is perfect for those who would like to know who the cheapest and most generous celebrity tippers in the world are. The same for anyone who wants information on what famous person tops the worst celebrity tippers list.

You can read stories about the most talked about cheap and generous celebrity tippers of 2017 here. The best and worst celebrity tippers list has a ton of names. Overall, this top ten list contains 14 of the world’s worst celebrity tippers. That’s because there are several cheap celebrities and sports figures tied on the compilation. In addition, there is a top 10 listing of the biggest celebrity tippers as well. 

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Many of the names of these cheap celebrities will shock you. Most of us never expect rich and famous people to be stingy. Especially those celebs we love from our favorite shows, movies or sports team. However, when you are cheap, it doesn’t matter how much money you have or how famous you are. This compilation of the cheapest celebrity tippers in the world proves that.
We included the top ten most generous celebrities and tippers in the world. Still, most attention and commentaries, are given to the cheap celebs.

Based on evidence, witness accounts and video, these worst celebrity tippers stories are often shocking. They contain names of some the richest, most powerful celebrities and athletes in the world. Yet having all that money and being famous, did not stop these famous celebs from being miserly. In some instances, a few even skipped out on bills.

Why So Many Cheap Celebrity Tippers?

In reality, tips are generally given as a courtesy and are not mandatory. But, they are a way of saying ‘Thank you for great service’ or ‘job well done’ to those who attend us. Whether it’s a waiter, maitre d’ or that nice valet parking attendant. In most circumstances, tipping is expected by people in general. In the defense of all cheap tippers out there, there are cases where not tipping – or leaving a small tip – can be excused.  One may choose not to tip, if the services were terrible. Other times, the food may have been bad or took too long to be served. Still, one can be certain that the majority of people attending a celebrity or a rich person, will do all they can to earn a good tip.

Top 14 worst celebrity tippers in the world

For cheapskates out there, the most popular excuse for not leaving a tip, is not having enough money. Yet that this reason does not apply to celebrities or the rich and famous though. At the same time, they also tend to accumulate larger tabs than we could ever imagine. The problem is that these celebrities did not earn their tightfisted titles overnight. The actions happened numerous times, in several situations. Some have been recorded as being stingy and cheap, for decades. Their lack of generosity has earned them an entry into the bad tippers database.

The Biggest Tippers In The World

We all love a feel good story. In many instances, the biggest tippers in the world have created lots of them due to their large tips. Their generosity may not have been enough to make anyone an instant millionaire. But, in many cases, it was enough to change a person’s life. Like all of us, people in the service industry know celebrities have money. Common sense is that rich and famous can afford to tip at higher levels than regular customers. That may lead to a waiter’s expectancy level being higher when it comes to receiving a tip. This may explain part of the shock they feel when celebrities act cheap when tipping. On top of that, some celebs are not only cheap tippers, they are also rude and demanding.

There are some celebrities who try to avoid being labeled as cheap. Singing icon Justin Beiber is a perfect example. While he once gave a 200 percent tip to an IHOP waiter, Justin has been labeled as cheap in other instances. That one tip he gave the IHOP waitress, may have been done to impress Selena Gomez whom he was eating with at the time.

The biggest tippers in the world make it a better place

The generous and giving celebrities on this list, have no problem sharing their wealth though. In fact, some of them actually seem to enjoy tipping generously. One celebrity who is known and loved for his tipping is Comedian Drew Carey. In fact, he is such a consistent good tipper, that waiters fight one another to attend him. It is reported that Drew dined at a restaurant in Los Angeles called Arnie Morton Steakhouse once. Although his tab was only $250, Drew gave waiters serving him a whopping $400 tip!

Another famous person who is loved for his generosity as a tipper is President Obama. The likable President is even on the list of the biggest tippers in the world. President Obama once left a $200 tip to a group of campaign volunteers. This happened when the president stopped at a restaurant in Washington, D.C. to eat some burgers. Then there is the actor Johnny Depp. He has been reported as once tipping an astounding $1,500 tip for a $2,600 meal. The charismatic actor and his friends racked up that bill while he was filming the movie Public Enemies. Below is the full list of the biggest celebrity tippers in the world.

Biggest Celebrity Tippers In The World

10 – Dan Aykroyd  – Dan is known to leave no less than $100 each time he tips. Or he leaves 50% of the tab he accrued which is also very good.

9 – Barrack Obama – Before he became President, Barrack left a humongous 900 percent tip. This happened when he was running for office and drinking some beers in a bar. The bar was located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

8 – Bill Murray – The funny man is not only a great tipper, he is also said to be very humbled and kind to those who attend him.

7 – Drew Barrymore – The famous E.T. childhood actress likes to double the amount of her bill when she tips. That’s 100% tipping from the Charlie’s Angel beauty!

6 – Amy Schumer – Amy is loved for her comedy and for being one of the most generous celebrity tippers. She recently tipped the bartending staff $1,000 while drinking at the musical Hamilton.

5 – Drew Carey – The Price is Right host is a regular at a cafe called Swingers in LA. When he goes there, Drew always tips anywhere between $50 to $100.

4- Charlie Sheen – Although he may be renowned for getting into trouble from time to time, Charlie Sheen is also known as a great celebrity tipper. He once gave $200 to every worker and server during his Daughter’s birthday party.

3 – Russell Crowe – Russell is famous for being kind and generous to waiters. He once left a £600 tip while drinking a pint with some of his buddies.

2 – David Beckham – A celebrity inclined to share his wealth with those who attend him is David B. He once gave a waitress an extra $900 on a $100 tab.

1 – Johnny Depp – When it comes to generous celebrity tippers, Johnny is number one. He once gave the staff in a restaurant who attended him a $4,000 tip.

The Worst Celebrity Tippers In 2017

Cheap & Stingy Celebrity Tippers ListWhile no one expects all celebrities and famous people to be as generous as Johnny Depp, there are some who commit a double foul. These are celebrities who demand extra attention and ask for preferential treatment. The petulant celebrities demand to be seated without reservations when they arrive. In addition, they often have the establishment opening and closing hours extended just for them. Once they are done, these cheap celebrity tippers refuse or ignore to tip the people who went out of the way to accommodate them. Without a doubt, some of them deserve to be on the bad tippers database.

The culprits have earned not only the ire of those who attended them, but the title of being rich, famous and stingy. Plus, they have also been labeled as really cheap celebrities and ungenerous tippers. We have put together a list here of some of the top known celebrity cheapskates & scrooges out there today. A few of the famous for being cheap are athletes. They have earned a spot on the worst athlete tippers as well as this compilation. Some of the entries will surprise you since we never expect our celebrities to be uncharitable.

Top Ten Cheapest Celebrities In The World

10 – Rachel Ray – Enjoys Tipping One Dollar

Rich Celebrities Who Don't Tip - Rachel RayComing in at number ten is a person whose name pops up on quite a few times on lists of some of the cheapest celebrity tippers out there. The Famous TV show personality, celebrity chef and author Rachel ray has been duly noted for her lack of gratuity. According to List of the Day and several other sources, Rachel Ray tipped $1 on a $10 tab once. List of the day also accuses Rachel of promoting less than 20% tipping on her show. This is a show that millions of people watch.

The celebrity hostess has three ‘Food Network’ series as well as ‘Rachel Ray’s Tasty Travels’ and her $40 a day series. The way Rachel Ray tips so meagerly, she should change the name of one of her shows. The “$40 a day” series should be called “$1 dollar a day” to concur with her tipping.

9 – Tied – Mick Jagger – Stingy Rock & Roll Legend

Celebs who hate to tip - Mick JaggerTied for ninth place as one of the richest, but cheapest celebrities on the planet, is Mick Jagger. The Rolling Stone icon may be need to listen to his hit song “Start Me Up” to help him start being generous. Even though the legendary rock star is said to be worth almost $360 million, he is labeled as being frugal. Jagger once ate at pizzeria in the Washington, DC area. While at the Paradiso pizzeria, Mick racked up a $90 tab. But, when it came time for the tip, he only left $10. That only comes out to a measly 11 percent of the bill.


9- Tied – Bill Cosby – Extremely Cheap Tipping Comedian

Worst Celebrity Tipper - Bill CosbyThe other person tied for number nine spot on the list of the cheapest tipping celebrities is none other than funny man Bill Cosby. The Famous celebrity and comedian is remembered for his role on the popular TV show ‘The Cosby Show.’ Bill is considered to be frugal and cheap when tipping. Mr. Cosby appears on a few listings which would make scrooge proud. Although he is still making millions in syndication from reruns on his famous show, Bill is among the cheapest celebrity tippers out there.

He is said to have left only a measly $3 tip on a tab of more than $350. One would think that the Jello Pudding spokesman would be more generous to those who cater to him. But according to many sources, that is not the case. This is all from a man who is known to preach setting a good example for today’s youth. That example would be to ‘keep the money for yourself and be cheap’ it seems. Perhaps Bill Cosby is saving his money for all his legal troubles!

Tied – 8 – Sean Penn – Does Not Tip At All

Worst Tippers - Celebrity Sean PennThe eighth spot on this list has also led to another tie. The first 8th spot belongs to the notorious bad boy Sean Penn. Aside from the bad boy name, Sean is now being labeled as a bad tipper as well. Reports say that Sean Penn and three of his friends, had several waiters in a New Orleans restaurant waiting on them hand and foot. The staff attended Sean and his friends promptly catering to their every beck and call. However, when it came time to leave a tip on a $450 tab, the Bad tipper, we mean bad boy Sean Penn, gave nothing. That is correct; not one cent. Sean Penn’s name has made it to a few other cheapest celebrity tippers lists as well.

At least Sean is generous with his time when he volunteers. In New Orleans, Penn helped out some indigent folks. But, we can bet none of them received a monetary tip from him though.

Tied – 8 – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson – Wants Special Privileges But Doesn’t Tip

Rich No Tipping Celebrities - Dwayne The Rock JohnsonDwayne Johnson may be one of the most lovable celebrities in Hollywood. But, he has also earned a reputation as being tightfisted when it comes to tipping. The Rock has come under fire from those who have served the “Fast & Furious” star. A waiter went online to gripe about his encounter with Dwayne. He said The Rock had the restaurant open up earlier than normal just for him. The reason was so that Johnson would not run into fans. After The Rock ate his meal at the steakhouse, he only left a measly $7 dollar tip. That cheap tipping turned act ‘The Rock’ into nothing but a measly pebble!

7- Mariah Carey – Demanding & Cheap Tipper

World's Worst Celebrity Tippers - Mariah CareyMariah Carey is known for being a beautiful singer, actress and movie starlet, But, she is also duly noted as our number seventh cheapest celebrity tipper. According to Glamorati, Mariah was hanging out with a very large group of her entourage in a restaurant. While at the New York City restaurant, Mariah had it kept opened extra hours and very late for her and her friends.

To make matters worse, the sources say Mariah and her large group were extremely demanding. Moreover, they had waiters & staff running around like crazy trying to accommodate the singing diva. However, when it came time to pay the large tab, no one in her party bothered to leave a tip. This despite the fact they had kept the restaurant opened after hours and had the staff at their whim. Talk about a bad and cheap celebrity tipper!

6 – Tied – Usher – Likes To Tip With Autographs

Cheap Celebrity Tipper List - UsherTwo celebrities share the 6th place on this list. The first is none other than singer, producer and famous celebrity star, Usher. According to the Stained Apron, Usher has been consistent with his stingy and cheap tipping. The website also notes that Usher is infamous for trying to always get someone else to pick up the tab. How cheap is Usher as far as tipping goes? He is known to have left his autograph to many who waited on him in place of a tip.

6 – Tied – Kirsten Dunst – Does Not Tip At All

Cheap celebrity tippers - Kirsten DunstThe Spider Man movie star Kirsten Dunst has earned a spot as one of the most cheapest celebs in Hollywood. Kirsten has earned a bad rep for being stingy when tipping. Fox News reported that during a visit to a high-profile restaurant, Ms. Dunst’s bill came up to more than $200. However, according to Elliza Pharrell who is the restaurant manager, KD left without tipping a cent. To make matters worse for Kirsten, the internet has several stories about her lack of giving when being served.



5 – Jeremy Piven – Gives Signed Copies Of DVDs As Tip

Jeremy Piven - worst tippers in the worldHalfway through our list and making the entrance in the number five position is actor Jeremy Piven. Jeremy is said to have arrived at an Aspen Colorado restaurant called Nobu. He was there along with a party of twelve other people without a reservation. The restaurant ended up seating him and his rather large group and served them. However, according to the manager of Nobu, Piven got up and told him “thanks for nothing” before leaving. Not to be outdone by his great entrance Jeremy then left  a signed DVD from his show Entourage as a tip. To show their disdain for Jeremy’s stinginess, one of the Nobu employees responded by throwing the DVD back to Piven and his group as they were leaving.

The restaurant has since banned Jeremy and asked that he never come back. Unlike Usher who only leaves an autograph of himself, Piven left a signed copy of a DVD. That can be considered a bit better than just an autograph piece of paper. But the staff wasn’t impressed and it helped Jeremy earn the tag as one of the worst tippers ever in Zimbio. Luckily for Mr. Piven, there are celebrities out there who make a lot more money than he does and are even cheaper tippers than him. That may have saved him from being closer in this the top ten listing.

4 – Lebron James – One Of The Worst Athletes Tippers.

World's Cheapest Athletes - Lebron JamesNBA superstar Lebron James is number four on this list of cheap celebrity tippers. James is famous on and off the court for his great play. But he is also considered one of the worst athlete tippers. While Lebron may be a powerhouse on the basketball court, he is also one of the cheapest athletes once he’s off the court.

To his defense, when it comes to the cheapest athletes or worst athlete tippers Lebron James is not alone. Some of other famous athletes to join him for being cheap are Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning, Charles Barkley Scottie Pippen. Still, the Cleveland Cavs franchise player made the list by for several reasons. For one, he does something most spoiled celebrities are renowned and vilified for. That is to demand and get special privileges, but giving back nothing in return.

According to site Lebron was at a Cleveland Steak house. While there, he had the restaurant stay open till almost 4 am so that he could finish his meal. As if that wasn’t bad enough, when the bill came, King James only left a $10 tip. That was even though the total bill was $800. Lebron may be called the King on the court. But when it comes to tipping, many would call him a pauper!

3 – Tied – Barbra Streisand – Rude, Demanding & Cheap Tipper

Rude - Demanding & Bad Tipper - Celebrity Barbara StreisandBarbara Streisand may be loved for her beautiful singing voice. However, she is despised for being cheap, rude and demanding when it comes to being served. The famous singer has earned a reputation for pressuring places she dines at, to give her special attention. Yet each time, she treats the staff rudely. Worst yet, she doesn’t tip well for putting them through it.

Both Glamorati and Thefrisky report that Streisand does not always tip and when she does tip, she usually leaves less than the acceptable or complimentary 10 to 20% tip. Once, while in a New York restaurant, Barbra ended up leaving only $10 tip out of a $457 check. It is safe to say that the waiters were not at all please with the star of the movie Funny Girl.

3 – Tied – Britney Spears – Top Worst Celebrity Tipper & Degrades Staff

Worst celebrity tippers database - Britney SpearsMaking the list of being a cheap tipper is bad enough if you’re a celebrity. But when people also accuse you of being rude and degrading them, it makes it even worse. That is what the singer Britney Spears is said to have done. She has become renowned for being a bad and stingy tipper. In addition, Britney appears to enjoy making those who serve her feel less than her.

Miss Spears is said to have been dining in a popular restaurant in Hollywood called One Sunset. Along with her large entourage, Britney racked up a $251 bill. When it came time for a tip, Britney left them zero. Not one cent for those who attended her. The worst part about the story is that she is said to have thrown a bunch of change at the feet of a valet. Britney then shouted “There’s your tip for you.” as she left.

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2 – Madonna – Keeps Material Money To Herself

Frugal & Stingy Tipping Celebrities - Madonna

Madonna may be known as the material girl and a singing legend. But in the service industry world she is recognized as the cheap girl. Apparently, Madonna wants to keep all of her material money to herself. She is constantly being touted as one of the worst and cheapest celebrity tippers ever. Keep in mind that Madonna has a net worth estimated at more than 1 Billion. That makes her the richest female singer in the world! While Madonna may like being on the top of that listing, she may not enjoy being known as the scrooge of female singers.

According to both Glamorati and List of the Day, she is ranked number one on their list of cheap tippers. All this in a listing which contains 34 different names. She is also ranked number one in Thefrisky as well. They say that Madonna is not only a cheap tipper but sometimes doesn’t even bother to leave one. To make matters worse, when she does leave a tip, it is usually very dismal. It is reported that once both she and her then husband Guy Ritchie, left a measly $18 tip out of a $400 tab. It is no wonder she is called the Material girl.

1 – Tiger Woods – The Cheapest Celebrity Tipper Of All!

World's Worst Celebrity Tippers - Tiger WoodsTiger Woods may be regarded as number one in the world of golf. But, he is also earned the number one spot on this listing of the world’s worst celebrity tippers. Tiger is the cheapest tipping celebrity in the world. That’s because we taken into consideration his net worth which totals than $750 million dollars. While Tiger Woods may be the king of the field in golf, he is considered a scrooge off the court. Many who have served the pro golfer say he his cheapness is almost unbelievable for a person with so much money. Tiger should watch out before he ends up as the logo used on the bad tippers database website.

Tiger Wood’s excuse for not tipping is that he does not carry cash when going out. The irony is that Tiger may end up losing or giving half his net worth, to his ex-wife for his philandering. She will keep a hefty tip that of his earnings for sure. According to thefrisky it is said that Woods dated a girl from Las Vegas. That girl would always be the one that had to tip whenever they went out. If that wasn’t bad enough, Mr. Woods once ended up taking a $5 tip back from a waitress after he realized he had already tipped her earlier that night. That’s what you call ‘Pulling a mulligan.’