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Funny Bathroom Posing Picture Fails

Funny Bathroom Posing Picture Fails GalleryPeople these days are constantly taking selfies wherever they are at and posting them on social media. But what happens when individuals take a selfie while they are in the bathroom or in a public restroom?

These funny bathroom posing picture fails gallery demonstrate the answer to that question. So get ready to laugh out loud, shake your head in disbelief and be completely shocked at these bathroom selfie fails.

This epic fail pictures gallery, will leaving you asking and wondering “What were these people thinking?” These images are part of the reason why they call some of them the “Best WTF pictures!”

Selfie Reflection Fails Gallery

The trend and popularity of people uploading selfies and other photos to their social media accounts, are higher than ever. Many of these picture fails happen while they are taking self shots of themselves. Most of the selfies are taken as they pose in front of bathroom mirrors or in a room. The problem is that too often, the mirror leads to a selfie reflection fails episode. This typically occurs when the a person in the background of the photo, unknowingly comes out on the shot of the selfie.

The majority of them are taken in the spurt of the moment. And since most cell phones have a digital camera, there is never a shortage of selfies picture fails.

Must see epic fail pictures funnyThe Internet is now full of these selfie fails background images. So much can go wrong when you are taking photos in the bathroom. In most cases, the bathroom mirror may reveal a lot more in the selfie than the person intended to show. Case in point is this innocent kid taking a selfie in a public restroom. The image looks harmless and normal. That is until you look behind him and see the reflection in the mirror! The end result is one of those WTF pictures of the day!

Hilarious epic photo fails gallery

Thanks to these people, we now have the best fail pictures compilation for you to enjoy. They contain a bunch of hilarious, crazy and embarrassing bathroom selfies. On the positive note, many of these bathroom selfies have made the majority of these individuals famous. At least on the internet anyway.

Funny Epic Fail Pictures

A recent Facebook status update asked “When did bathroom suddenly become photo booths?” This is due to the many funny fail pictures seen all over social media outlets. Most of them are of people in front of their bathroom mirrors taking their own photos. The bathroom posing pictures fails happened as they held on to their cell phones or digital cameras.

Girl takes selfie while child drowns

HELLO! While you’re posing for this selfie, your child is drowning behind you!

There are others of people posing nude, or attempting to do a sexy pose which ends up failing epically. Then there are the parental epic failures as well. These photographs show parents in some really provocative poses while their small children look on in horror or confusion.

Selfies gone horribly or hilariously wrong

Somebody forgot to tell this girl to flush. Pretty, but no brains… or hygiene.

Below, we see a photo of another pretty girl as she seems to be posing for a Facebook or Twitter profile page no doubt. The problem is she seems to have forgotten about the person behind her. The end result (no pun intended) is an epic picture fail. We are given a clear shot of the other person’s rear end.

Funny fail pictures - gallery

The next photo is of a guy who we honestly don’t know what to think. Was he nude below the waist when he took this photo? It is one of those WTF pictures which is very funny indeed!

Bathroom posing pictures failure

We tried to figure out what would make someone think that taking a photo of themselves while using the toilet would somehow be a good thing. As if that wasn’t bad enough, now you have your photo plastered all over the internet as you do number one or two!

Epic Selfie Picture Failure

A few of these hilarious & funny bathroom posing picture fail photos, contain more than on person. The one below was taken by people who were probably too drunk when snapped. That may explain why they failed to think about what they were doing at the moment. This picture failure shows a girl (with a beer in her hand) using the men’s bathroom. She does all this, while there are at least five other men in the public restroom with her.

Too Drunk - Epic Picture Fail Gallery

There are so many images that leave you shaking your head. You try to figure out what was happening or what the person was thinking. Moreover, what were they trying to accomplish and why? Case in point is the following image below. W only have one question….. WTF is going on here?

Selfies that make you say WTF?

Here’s one really funny bathroom fail picture of two women posing in front of a mirror in a public rest room. In the background, we see a girl sitting down in the toilet she’s using. Someone forgot to tell her to close the door before the photo was snapped though. Too late now. Smile, you’re on Candid Bathroom Epic Picture Fail camera!

Selfies Gone Horribly Wrong!

This next photo has a nice looking girl posing in front of the mirror. While she’s not really doing anything crazy, check out the dog in the background reflection. What the heck is that dog doing and thinking?

Funny selfies gone wrong

There are many “Sexy Fail Photos” on the internet of people trying to look seductive in front of the camera. But many of them are famous, because they failed terribly at trying to do so. Most of them involve men and women in the nude who fail dramatically. Such is the case of the lady in front of this mirror. She is posing nude in the bathroom which is bad enough. To make matters worse, she’s doing it while her two small children are in the bathtub at the same time as her. Huge parental fail mom! We can hear the children saying “Mommy, can you please pass us the soap?.. and then put on some clothes!”

Funny Bathroom and Parenting Fail

In the image fail below, check out the nostrils on the girl in the other small mirror. Yikes!

Very funny selfies gone wrong gallery

One can only assume that the girls in the image below, probably had too much to drink. They are all smiling and posing as they laugh wildly. Yet two of the girls appear to be using the bathroom sinks as toilets. Guess none of them bothered to think that their kids may see this photo one day.

funny selfie fails Gallery - Tips21

Someone needs to tell people to please stop taking selfies while they are holding a baby. If not, at least learn to hold them while doing so. Talk about a selfie gone terribly and horribly wrong!

Epic Picture Fails Gallery

Once again we have another bathroom posing fail photo. In this selfie fail picture, we see a cute girl taking a of photo of herself with her cell phone. The only problem is that there’s a woman in the background sitting in the toilet bowl. The girl on the toilet seems to be oblivious and in La-La land. Her face will now join the rest of many others who have become internet fail famous. She will also become part of our funny bathroom posing picture fails gallery!

Funny selfie fails background

Funny Selfie Fails Mirror Gallery

We have learned quite a few things from some of these epic bathroom self posing picture fails. For the most part, no one in the background of these photos, is safe. The latest person to fall victim to the self shots picture fail mania, is a mother changing her baby’s diaper. Here we see three teen girls candidly posing for a photo. They are taking a selfie, while in a public restroom. The only problem is the lady in the background changing her baby’s diaper. We knew something smelled funny in this photo.

Funny selfie reflection fails

What could be worse than taking a sexy photo in the bathroom while your young children are seen in the background? That would be to have the child take the photo for you. Here’s a mother dressed in a sexy and provocative outfit. All the while, she poses in the bathroom as her young daughter takes the picture. Talk about a parental fail moment. Great role model failure mom.

Funny selfie fails background

People post the craziest and funniest things on social media; especially on Facebook. The girl in the photo below, seems to think is cool to pose semi nude while visiting her dear sweet Nana!

Facebook epic fail pictures funny

This is not what you would call a normal “family picture fail moment,” but it’s pretty darn close. Bathrooms are a place for romance when it comes to candle light baths, Jacuzzis and things of that nature. However, there is nothing romantic about kissing your loved one, while he or she is taking a dump. Ughhh! Talk about a mood killer.

But that did not seem to stop these two lovebirds. They seem to be so in love, that they forgot where they were at. And what the other guy was doing at the time. We have a feeling she will smell the roses, or something along those lines very soon!

Gallery of photo fails funny

The epic funny picture fails gallery continues. We now have two teenage girls posing for a really sexy Facebook profile photo. But apparently, they did not see their friend in the background. Or they completely forgot about her. Meanwhile, the girl sitting on the toilet, also seems unaware of the photo bomb she has become part of. BTW, you’re almost out of toilet paper.

Funny photo fails gallery

Guns and dumb people, are a dangerous combination. This guy on this photo posted this selfie image fail on his Facebook profile. He’s lucky he didn’t shoot himself while pressing the button on the phone camera.

Funny selfie fails Facebook

Ladies, this is what can happen when you drink too much. It can lead to real stupid and embarrassing moments for you. Our latest member to join the Funny Bathroom Posing Picture Fails gallery, is the girl on this photo. She seemed content on using a man’s urinal to pee. At least we hope that’s what she was doing in the urinal. What if she used it for number two? Oh, my!

Epic Bathroom Fail Pictures

There are some things that people should never have to see; particularly young kids. This picture of a mother nude in the bathroom, is one of them. Especially since she is taking a photo of her huge butt, in front of her child. It is safe to say that this child, may be scarred for life after seeing his mother in this manner.

Parenting Fail and selfie fails background

Best Fail Photos – Fail Photos Gallery

The epic rest room fail photos saga continues. The guy taking his own ‘self shot’ while showing his ABS, is really not doing anything wrong. He seems to be in great shape and has the whole six-pack ABS thing going for him. But wait. Upon further inspection in the background, we notice another guy. That man seems to be nude and playing with himself. Or something along those lines.

The great selfie, turned into a selfie fails background winner.

Funny selfie fails mirror background gallery

In the following selfie fails mirror photo, viewers can see a pretty girl. She is seen posing for a selfie with her cell phone. The only problem is the other girl sitting on the toilet bowl. She appears to be in her own little world. Little did she know that being on the toilet, was going to be her chance at the spotlight. Smile honey, you’re the next contestant on the Bathroom fail is right!

The best selfie reflection fails gallery

This photograph had all the makings of a really great Facebook or social media profile picture. We have two very lovely ladies posing, while displaying their gorgeous smiles. Hold on to your horses though. What is that we see on the right side? Is it a bird? Is it a Plane? No it’s Piss-man! Holy photo bomber Batman! We have to ask…. What were they doing in the men’s bathroom anyway? Inquiring minds want to know.

The best selfie fails background gallery

Once again we are privy to a funny selfie fails background picture. We see two beautiful girls posing for a self shot. The girls are looking great while posing for their selfie. But, viewers can see a guy sitting on the toilet bowl in the background. By the looks of it, he wanted in on the photo. But, he must have forgotten he was on the toilet. Worse than that, he forgot to close the door. The good news is he made it to this selfie reflection fails gallery. The bad news is that he will now be famous on the internet because of it!

Epic selfie fails background gallery

Just when you thought it could not get any worse in this funny picture fail gallery, we’ve found another victim. Now, we see something that it’s downright shocking, hilarious and disgusting. While this girl is posing for a self shot picture, she forgets about her friend on the toilet. If that wasn’t bad enough, it seems as if her girlfriend, has a Kotex pad on. How embarrassing is that?

Luckily for the other girl, her face did not make it on the selfie reflection fails image. It is still one for the hall of shame though.

Funny Selfie Reflection Fail Images

Nothing like a group of girlfriends taking a selfie together. Only next time, wait until all of you have gone to the bathroom first. Please!

selfie fails facebook

It seems people love taking selfies while sitting on the toilet. Here is another girl doing number one or two, while taking a photo.

Check out another bonus photograph for all of you bathroom fail photos enthusiast. Of course, we have saved the best, or in this case the worst, for last. In this epic selfie fail photo, we see a young teen girl posing in the bathroom. But what is that visible on the toilet bowl? Could it be a Fish? Holy Crap… It is just that.. CRAP! Holy Shi*!!!!!

The best selfie fails background gallery

How humiliated this girl must feel now that she has become famous for not flushing? We can bet not too many people would want to have her over their house. Not after they see the size of that turd missile on the bowl. Take a laxative girl, and have a good night

Unfortunately, the end of this hilarious and Funny Bathroom Posing Picture Fail bonanza has arrived. We hope you have enjoyed these hilarious, embarrassing and outrageous epic fail pictures in this gallery. Be sure to check our Top Stuff page. We always have the latest articles and photos, for you to enjoy. Please follow us on Facebook to keep up with the latest articles, pictures with quotes and photos we have here at Tips21.