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    How to get rid of the Common Cold fast


    Tips on How to get rid of the Common Cold

    There is nothing more easier to catch and harder to get rid of than the common cold. For centuries doctors, scientist and people have been fighting against the common cold and flu with no cure, only antibiotics and medicines to help you deal with the symptoms. One of the reasons the strain has lasted so long it’s due to the fact that the common cold involves many different strains and viruses.
    Lasting about three to six days, a typical cold spreads from one person to another through phlegm, saliva or touching as well as when people cough & sneeze and let the virus out into the air. If you want to know how to get rid of the common cold fast then tips 21 has put together some useful tips and information to help you do just that. Keep in mind that while there is no cure for the common cold, there are some precautionary measures we can take to help us avoid getting bitten by the cold bug.

    Tips to Beating the Common Cold

    Symptoms for the Cold:
    Runny nose
    Coughing (persistent)
    Sore throat
    Fever (mild (<103F)
    Body aches


    How to Get Rid of the Common Cold Fast

    Drink plenty of fluids: It is very important to drink lots of juice and or water. Some people drink lots of orange juice as it provides you with much needed vitamin C.


    Eating well: Most people tend to lose all their desire to eat whenever they become infected with the common cold virus. However, it is very crucial to eat as your body needs the strength to fight off the bacteria and virus. You need to eat a balance and nutritious diet though. Read more on the importance of eating well here.

    Take much needed rest: Nothing will help you more than to stay in bed and get plenty of rest.  Most of us have to go on about our daily routines such as working, taking care of the kids and so on but doing too much will only prolong the cold. Find out more on the Benefits of Sleeping well here in this article.


    Cough medicines: A cough medicine will help to relieve your coughing as it thins out your mucus. This, in turn allows you to get rid of the virus via sneezing, coughing and blowing out your runny nose.

    Wash your hands frequently to avoid catching the Common ColdWash hands frequently: Be sure to keep washing your hands frequently (especially since you will be constantly wiping your nose) this will also help to make sure you do not infect those you come in contact with.

    Vapor or Petroleum Jelly: Apply the Petroleum jelly (Such as Vick's vapor rub) onto your chest and under your nose to allow the vapors to be inhaled via your nose and onto your body through your chest. This will also help to relieve your sore throat and runny nose.

    Spicy food: Eating spicy foods can help to clear up your runny nose as well help you get rid of your stuffy head symptoms. (Providing you can handle it)

    Salt water: Use gargling salt water as a means to help you reduce the irritation and swelling by using it to flush out the toxins through your nose.

    Soupy Soup: Chicken soup has always provided soothing relief to the common cold. While there is no scientific hard data to back it up, it is one of the most popular methods to help remedying your cold symptoms

    Take your Vitamins: The cold attacks the immune system. This is why it is imperative to help protect it via supplements such as Vitamin C, Zinc and Tea. You can read more about the many different kinds of Vitamins here.

    Steam it up: Some of the cold viruses cannot survive in high temperatures. Boiling hot water and sitting under the steam it produces helps to relieve sinus congestion. The steam induced by sitting in a hot sauna can help as well.


    If a cold last more than 5 days and shows no sign of improvement, then it may be a more serious condition and you need to see a doctor immediately. We hope that these tips on how to get rid of the common cold fast have been able to assist you.

    Read more about the Common cold here.






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