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    How to tell if your Email Password has been Hacked



    How can you tell if your password has been Hacked?


    Hacking has become very popular lately as more and more people flaunt their ability to trump security. This is why so many of us have to wonder whether or not our passwords, accounts, credit cards information and personal data are safe from these hackers. If you are wondering how to tell if your email password has been hacked then you are not alone. There was never really a way to check this before until recently. Thanks to an Australian technology professional named Daniel Grzelakhas that has all changed. Daniel, who was also a former security consultant, has created a site called www.ShouldIChangeMyPassword.com. This site allows people to check the status of their email accounts and see if has been hacked or compromised.



    How can you tell if your Email password has been Hacked?


    The website uses different databases which have been made available to the public by hackers as a means to check the status of your email. Do not worry because no passwords are stored in the ShouldIChangeMyPassword website or their database at all. Whether you have Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Windows Live or any other type of email accounts then checking your password status is easy. Thanks to this site now the average person can easily check to see if any of their password or passwords (if you have more than one) are there on any of their hacker's databases which is very helpful. In the event that you see your password has been hacked then you can go about changing it right away.

    should I change my passwordIn case you want to check the status of your password now then simply go to ShouldIChangeMyPassword.com and type in your e-mail address. If in fact your password is found in the hacker's databases you will be told not only if it has been compromised, but also how many times. In case you discover that your password has been hacked you should immediately reset it. You will also be given some tips on how to go about creating stronger passwords to make it harder for your accounts to be hacked again and how to safely use your email accounts for greater protection.

    So far the site has checked about 800,000 email addresses into their website. Using more than 13 hacker databases exposed by Lulzsec, ShouldIChangeMyPassword.com will check your email to see if they find a match. The site also promises that they will not capture your email or store it.


    You can check your email by visiting the site

    It is crucial to your online security and the protection of your personal data to be on guard for any signs of breach in your Beware of Hackers trying to steal your Passwordsaccounts or emails. There are too many people out there who have only one goal in their everyday life and that is to hack people's accounts. Be on guard when you visit places such as Twitter or Facebook where hackers thrive and love to mix in as regular users. The idea of free games, music files and freebies always sound too good to pass up. However, sometimes they are just a gateway for the hackers to lure you into their sites. Now that you know how to tell if your email password has been hacked the next step is to take the proper precautions and protect yourself at all cost.








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    What to do if your email is hackedWhat can you do if you find out that your Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo account has been hacked into? The first step to take is to try and immediatedly reset your password. This may be the only way for you to recover it since most places will require that you answer some questions. In the event that you gave them an additional email address for such purposes, then you can have your password re-sent there. However, keep in mind that if your account was hacked then it is very likely the hackers may have reset your security questions that you set up at the beggining. If that is the case then you may have a harder time doing it, but you can stll be able to do so using an e-mail recovery form. .

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