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    Most Likes on a Facebook Status


    Most likes on a  Facebook status






    Ever wondered what the world's record for the most likes on a Facebook status ever is and who accomplished that feat? Well the accomplishment belongs to rapper Lil Wayne who did not really set out to get the record until Kraft Foods the maker of Oreo started a campaign to set the mark. Oreo began their campaign for the attempt at the world record on February 15th at 9 a.m. Eastern time and asked their Facebook followers to "Like this post to join other Oreo fans around the world in setting a Guinness World Record for most 'likes' to a post in 24 hours"

    Oreo gets many likes in an hourWithin moments of Oreo making the announcement and posting their status on their Facebook wall they began to rack up many likes from their huge fans and cookie lovers all over the world. It is no secret that many people love Oreo cookies (We sure do) so the campaign quickly caught fire and many of their followers immediately began to click on the like button. Within hours the famous and loved cookie we all love to dunk in milk had over 24,000 likes.


    Most Likes on a Facebook Status

    After 24 hours, Guinness World Records had confirmed that Oreo had gotten an unprecedented total of 114,619 "likes" on their status and awarded them the record the next day. However, you know what they say about World records; they are meant to be broken. That is where Rapper Lil’ Wayne comes in. While all this was going on and Facebook was abuzz about Oreo attempting to break the record and how fast they were getting likes, Rapper Lil’ Wayne had heard about it and began pondering his own attempt at getting the most likes. A few hours later Lil Wayne then decided to go after the record for the most likes on a Facebook status himself. He followed suit and began his own campaign with a similar post.

    World Record LikesRapper Lil Wayne announces his attempt at the record to his fans on Facebook

    It was evident after a few hours of this fight for the record that Lil Wayne had come up big in his own quest to get the most likes on his status. The Rapper not only broke the record for the most likes ever, he completely shattered it! In 24 hours Lil Wayne got an astronomical 588,243 likes. That was almost 4 times the amount Oreo had gotten only a few hours earlier. So much for that record Oreo got awarded the previous day. But we still love our Oreo cookies though. While the famous and loved cookie brand has over 16 million plus followers on Facebook, Lil Wayne has a fan base of 20 million followers on his fan page. Many people wanted to know why the rapper went after the record in the first place since it was Oreo that had started the pursuit of the record attempt.



    The response from Mazy Kazerooni who is Lil Wayne’s digital manager was simple. They wanted to show the Rapper’s social media prowess and strength. He went on to add that they want people to put Lil Wayne in the same category of commercial power as that of Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and any other prominent media magnets. Kazerooni also added that many people are not aware at the amount of traffic they get over at their at their Facebook fan page. One can be certain those people have taken noticed with the numbers that Lil Wayne received on his status.



    Guiness World Records - Most Likes on a Facebook item in 24 Hours

    There you have the story on who holds the record for the most likes on a Facebook status. We hope you have enjoyed this facebook like buttonarticle. Now help us to break the record as well by liking us on our Facebook fan page and hitting the like button on the bottom of this article. (LOL ) Lil’ Wayne can rest assured that his record will be safe until someone else attempts to go after it. You may also want to read the Top Facebook Status - 21 Status Updates and this article if you are looking for a "Good Status for Facebook"










    Tips for Getting Likes & Comments on Your Facebook Status

    Here are some tips for getting more likes & Comments on your Facebook Status:

    We can only dream of ever getting a few hundred 'likes' on our statuses much less hundreds of thousands like Oreo cookies and Rapper Lil' Wayne did when they set out to break the record for the most likes on a Facebook status ever. Most of us are lucky if we get more than 10 likes on our statuses. :)

    However, this does not mean that you cannot try though. There are certain things to keep in mind whenever you want to attempt and get as many likes as possible on a status that you post on your Facebook wall.

    How to get likes on your Facebook Status


    Sometimes it does not really matter how many good statuses you post or how good the status that you put on your wall is because you may end up with zero likes or comments. Why does that happen? Well for one, you have to know when is the best time to post your really good or great statuses on your wall. By this we mean that even if you post an awesome status but it’s a Friday night, you may not get any comments or likes on it at all. You have to keep in mind that on the weekends people are usually hanging out, going to the movies and stuff like that. Because of this they tend to ignore their Facebook or Twitter.

    Rapper Lil Wayne gives two thumbs up to fans for Liking his Status

    Also, posting them too late at night may not work as well as other times. Last, the best way to make sure you always get comments, feedback and likes on your statuses is to return the favor. If you NEVER bother to comment or like someone else's good status why should they like yours? The key is to like and comment other people statuses as well from time to time so that you can get likes and comments back on yours!


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