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    Nicki Minaj Pics - The Latest, Hottest & Sexiest Nicki Minaj Pics



    Nicki Minaj giving the middle finger in this pic







    If you been looking for some Nicki Minaj pics as well as personal bio information about her then look no further since we have put together some of the Sexiest and hottest pics available for you to see right here. The world has become obsessed with Nicki Minaj due to her voluptuous booty.. Sorry, we meant to say her body...  as well as her penchant for controversy. If you add to that mix the fact that is one of the hottest female rap stars the past few years then you have an explosive and lethal combination. These pictures will help to tell the story of this young rap star so that you may get to know more about her as well as enjoy the beautiful pics in this article.




    Nicki Minaj Pics


    Nicki Minaj whose real name is Onika Maraj has taken the rap world by storm with her popularity which soars more each day. Miss Minaj was born in December 8, 1994 and hails from Jamaica, Queens, in New York.

    Nicki Minaj contraversial poster licking lollipop pic


    Biography - Facts you should know about Nicki Minaj


    One her pics that caused an uproar of controversy was from promotional posters she made for the album titled 'Sucka free' On that picture (Seen above and a few rows down) Nicki is seen posing with a lollipop on her hands and her legs spread wide open. She said the pics were taken as a tribute to another female rapper known as Little Kim. Nicki said she simply wanted to get the public’s attention so they could listen to her music and listen to what she had to say. Well she clearly got our undivided attention with those pics.

    Nicki Minaj - Rapping and wearing eye catching sheer outfit pic

    Nicki Minaj got her first break due to the site Myspace where the CEO of the Dirty Money Record Label saw her page and signed her right away. The CEO whose name is Fendi was then contacted by Rapper Lil' Wayne who was immediately impressed with Nicki's ability to write her own rap lyrics as well as her photographic congeniality ability. 


    Nicki Minaj - Looking bored for this pic


    Before Making it as a Rapper and becoming one of the most searched for female rap stars on Google, Nicki Minaj used to work as an administrative assistant. Although she grew up in a trouble home due largely to her father being on drugs Nicki moved ahead and continued to pursue her music career.

    Nicki Minaj pics -Posing for the Camera durng a photo shoot


    In this pic we see Nicki wearing a provocative sheer outfit which helps to captivate her amazing sensuality. It really does not matter what pose she takes for the camera as all her pics end up looking like this one; simply amazing.


    Nicki dressed as an Egyptian Queen

    Many people have wondered what her now famous tattoo on her arm means as we see it in this beautiful pic of Nicki as an Egyptian Goddess & Queen. The meaning for her tattoo is "God is with me always" Here are the Chinese symbols to her tatoo.


    Nicki Minaj - BET Awards

    Nicki loves the camera and adores taking pics as you can see on most of the photos. The camera seems to love her right back. This picture of Nicki was taken at the BET Awards ceremony.

    Nicki Minaj Showing off her beautiful smile

    In this pic of her we see just how lovely and flirtatious she can be even when playing for the camera.

    Nicki went to LaGuardia High School located in Manhattan, New York. It was here that Nicki got into mucic as she studied singing and acting and eventually went on to graduate. While in LaGuardia Nicki took part in the school's drama progam and was going to audition in the school for a part. But as fate would have it she ended up losing her voice that day and was not able to participate.


    The Hottest & Sexiest Nicki Minaj Pics


    Nicki Minaj pics - The infamous lollipop Bikini poster


    Many men lost sleep and much more behind this infamous poster where Nicki has a lollipop and pays homage to female rapper Little Kim. Many people remember Little Kim for a similar photo such as this one which cause a similar amount of public uproar when it was first released. There are many out there who are glad she took both of these 'Bikini lollipop' pics. Oh Yes!

    Nicki Minaj on the Cover of King Magazine


    Here in this pic we see the gorgeous Nicki Minaj on the cover of King Magazine. Some people are rather surprised to know that Nicki writes most of her own lyrics for her songs.

    Nicki Laying in bed thinking


    One of the reasons for her success is the fact that Nicki always maintained a positive attitude towards life and her future. This despite the fact that she lived with a single mother who struggled to raise her alone. Nicki's father had once attempted to kill her mother by setting the house on fire. Her father, according to her, drank heavily most of the time and used drugs as well.


    Nicki with her tongue out flirting with the camera

    Nicki was born in Saint James, Trinidad and Tobago. She went on to moved to the Jamaica, Queens section in New York later on as a child. She is all grown up now as we see in this sexy picture where she has managed to become one of the most sought after female rappers.

    The ever Beatiful Nicki Minaj sporting her famous Tattoo

    In this picture we see Nicki Minaj posing for the paparazzi during the MTV 2011 Movie awards shows. Some people have accused Nicki of being too provocative because of the way she dresses. NIcki's response has been to make an effort and tone it down. She adds that she does not want younger girls to think that is all it takes to become a success. It involves hard work and dedication.

    Nicki Minaj - Dressed as Wonder Woman

    There are certain Nicki Minaj's pics that you won't be able to stop looking at. This one is one of those as Nicki is seen wearing a Wonder Woman costume. It is easy for her to pull this off and not just because she is so beautiful and has such a great body. But quite simply because she has turned into a real life wonder woman with her success.

    Nicki Minaj wearing a two-faced suit that caused many heads to turn


    Just how Hot is Nicki and what's the extent of the popularity lately? Well if you were to Google her name in the search engine you would get about 9,140,000 Global monthly searches a month! Those are staggering numbers! It is no wonder why so many people are looking for her pics! She is Hot!

    Nicki Minaj posing for the cameralooking gorgeous

    Nikci Minaj released her first mix tape in 2007 named "Playtime is over" She followed that with "Sucka Free" in 2008 which gained her tremendous attention due to the posters with the 'Bikini Lollipop' controversy. (Found up top two earlier pics) She followed that with the release of "Beam me up Scotty" In 2009.

    Nicki wearing jeans

    Mr.. Destiny had success well written on the books for Miss Minaj as some of the accomplishments she has achieved will prove. For one, Nicki Minaj became the first female artist (Not just for the rap music category) to ever have seven singles on Billboard's Hot 100 charts at the same time. That is one amazing feat to say the least. She also became the first female artist to make it to the top of Billboard Hot Rap Songs chart unaccompanied since back to 2002. She accomplished that historical feat with the release of the second single "Your Love"


    Nicki Minaj can be easily crowned the Queen of Rap Music


    Clearly there is little doubt left that Nicki Minaj is the Queen of Rap and one of the most popular female stars of this decade. She continues to break milestones each day as her popularity grows more daily. These Nicki Minaj pics prove that she is something special and we as fans just hope she continues her success. You can also check The Nicky Minaj Camel toe Video" If you like these pics then please share them with your friends using one of our share buttons below. We hope you have enjoyed these Hot, Beautiful and Sexy Nicki Minaj pics!










    More Nicki Minaj Pics, Bio Info & Resources

    Nicki Minaj Pics - Nicki looking sexy licking a lollipopThey say a picture is worth a thousand words and this one says quite a few to all who look at it. Nicki is never one to back down from attention and when this pic was first released it helped to make her notorious. Granted she got what she wanted which was for us to listen to her music. Like we said, a pic is worth a thousand words.

    Facts about Nicki Minaj

    Nicki Lewinski
    Nicki The Harujuku Barbie
    Nicki The Ninja
    Nicki The Harajuku Barbie


    Historical Male Camel Toe


    Did you know that Nicki became the first female artist to be included on the popular MTV's Annual Hottest MC List? Not bad for a girl who used to be an administrative assistant before becoming the hottest female rap star of our time. Nicki's first studio debut album named "Pink Friday" which was released in 2010, immediately became a huge commercial success. Only a month after it's release it was certified platinum and peaked at the top of the U.S. Billboard 200.

    Pink Friday [Clean]

    Click Here to Buy Pink Friday [Clean]

    You can visit her official site here called My Pink Friday

    This is one of her Fan Pages here called nicki-minaj.org


    Picture of the Day - What is a Camel Toe

    Singer Nicki Minaj arriving in Los Angeles

    Did you know that Nicki used to use her real last name Maraj at first when she began to rap? She says proudly that she began to call herself 'ménage' because she was quite simply 'eating other female rappers' with her rap skills. The J was added later on as a part of Nicki’s original last name Maraj.

    See Nicki's Official MySpace Fan Page