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Pygmy Marmosets Photos & Facts about Finger Monkeys

Pygmy Marmosets Photos & Facts about Finger MonkeysWhen people see pygmy marmoset monkey images or finger monkey pictures, they typically think the photographs are fake. That’s because even a marmoset monkey in full size, is generally quite tiny. This article containing pygmy marmosets photos and facts about finger monkeys, will help quell any doubts regarding their authenticity. There is also useful and factual information pertinent to the minuscule new world monkey. In addition, answers to questions individuals have about the popular small primates, are provided as well.

Finger monkeys are extremely cute and adorable. This makes falling in love with the tiny primates, very easy. And when someone sees photographs or videos of pygmy marmosets, they immediately want to own one. It is very hard to see or hold a finger monkey, and not want one for yourself. How can you not adore them when they are so incredibly adorable due to their tininess? That helps explain why the population has such large interests in them. 

People usually want to know how many pygmy marmosets are left in the world. They are also interested in the pygmy marmoset size and weight. For those looking for finger monkeys to own as pets, there are many things you need to know about them before buying one. Our research staff has gathered important facts about pygmy marmosets. This can make your decision about purchasing or owning one, easier. 

Are pygmy marmosets real?

Most folks that see photos or hear about finger monkeys immediately ask “are finger monkeys real?”. That is largely due to their unbelievably small size. Finger monkeys are very real and can be found all over the world. In fact, the reason they are called that way, is largely because they are about the size of a human finger.

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Truth is that many of the finger monkey’s nicknames, derive from their diminutiveness. Furthermore, anytime you hold one of these little guys, they tend to hold onto your finger. That is another reason for their name interesting name.

Pygmy marmoset monkey pet photo

In this photo we see two very tiny finger monkeys which seem surreal since they are so minuscule.

Finger monkeys are one of the smallest living primates. (The smallest primate is the pygmy mouse lemur.) The vast majority of us are used to seeing regular size monkeys. It is one of the reasons why people tend to be somewhat incredulous upon seeing photos of them.

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Pygmy Marmoset Eating Habits

The pygmy marmoset eating habits surprise many people. Pygmy marmosets eat small lizards, spiders, insects and animal-based meals like omnivores do. However, since they mostly eat tree barks, fruits, leaves and nectar, they are actually gumophores. The reason for this is because they love to gouge holes in trees. This way, finger monkeys can feed on tree sap or gum.

Marmoset monkey facts and photos

Cute little finger monkey holding on to a finger.

Using their bottom canines, they chew on the bark. Within some time, the tree begins to leak sap which they love. Finger monkeys spend almost 67 % of their feeding time eating tree exudates. All the while, they are preparing new food sources as they gnaw at tree trunks or large branches. By doing this, the pygmy will be able to collect sap from those branches later.

Beautiful pygmy marmoset images and interesting facts

How can anyone not fall in love with this cute little finger monkey? He is so adorable. (notice how he is hugging the thumb)

Of course what a pygmy marmoset eats also depends on his habitat. There are some people who buy finger monkeys and keep them as pets.  For them, knowing what to feed marmosets in captivity is important. What a person can feed them at home differs from what finger monkeys can eat in the wild. When they are newborn, those that own one typically feed them formula. But, once a finger monkey is past 14 weeks old, their meals have to change. Owners can give them crickets, fruits, veggies, meats and cereal. Anyone who has a pygmy marmoset as a pet, needs to remember that these furry little guys need lots of vitamin D3 and C.

Pygmy marmoset monkey pictures

These adorable furry tiny finger monkeys have such sad little faces. Perhaps because they are captive?

How Pygmy Marmosets Organize and Behave

Pygmy marmosets usually band together in groups of about five to six. But, they sometimes can organize in factions as large as nine. In some cases, you may find them together in units of only two. The pair grouping can be of the same sexes. Typically, there is always one dominant male and female pygmy marmoset in a group. Each one of the dominant finger monkeys in the group are the pair in charge of the reproduction.

All you need to know about pygmy marmoset monkeys

Group of pygmy marmosets banding together as they pose for a picture.

Pygmy marmoset exert their dominance when they take over a gum feeding site belonging to another finger monkey. Just like other primates, they spend their time playing, grooming and hanging out together.

Pygmy Marmosets Mating Behavior

The reproduction and development of pygmy marmosets is quite interesting. The reproductive norms for marmosets are usually fraternal twins every five to six months. However, it is not uncommon for one or three offspring to also occur. Mating commonly takes place during a post partum estrus of about three weeks. This typically happens right after birth and is carried out by the dominant female and male.

Facts and mating behavior of pygmy marmosets

The mating rights of pygmy marmosets are decided by a dominant female and male in the group.

When it comes to the marmoset representative species, there are about twenty-two of them. But not all of them are considered finger monkeys. Besides the pygmy marmoset, you have the silvery marmoset, white-headed marmoset, common marmoset and the black-tufted marmoset, among others.

Pygmy Marmoset Size And Weight

The pygmy marmosets are the puniness true monkey with a body length ranging from fourteen to sixteen centimeters (5.5 to 6.3 inches). This is excluding the 15-to-20-centimeter (5.9 to 7.9 in) tail. The males weigh around 140 grams (4.9 oz) while the females only weighs 120 grams (4.2 oz). Adult pygmy marmosets weigh about 3.5 ounces. The common marmoset can weigh as much as 9 ounces though. Looking at a pygmy marmoset’s fingers, will reveal that they have claws. That is unlike other primates which have nails.

Size and weight of pygmy marmoset monkeys

By looking at this picture of this particular finger monkey, we get an idea of their size. The pygmy marmoset is holding on to what appears to be a very small square tape box. One can begin to grasp just how tiny they are because of that.

Pygmy marmosets are known as finger monkeys or dwarf monkey. In addition, they are called ‘mono de bolsillo’ (pocket monkeys) and ‘leoncito’ (little lion) in Latin countries. The average finger monkey can grow up to fourteen inches in size. These cute and tiny creatures are mostly found in places such as southeastern Colombia, northern Bolivia, eastern Peru, eastern Ecuador and the rain forests and canopies of western Brazil. In addition, many people in the United States have them as domesticated pets.

Cute finger monkeys facts and photos

Will you take me home with you? PLEASE!

How Much Are Finger Monkeys Worth?

It is very hard not to fall in love with these adorable little guys once you see a photo or video of them. This makes many people want to have a pygmy primate as a pet. That is why people interested in them want to know how much finger monkeys cost or what do they usually sell for. The prices for them fluctuate depending on where you buy and from whom.

Interesting facts about finger monkeys

This endearing pygmy marmoset monkey appears to be posing for the camera as it looks away.

The majority of individuals sell them online starting at around $400.00 for newborns. However, the average prices are between $1,3200 and can go as high as $4,200.00. The cost of a pygmy marmoset depends on several factors including the species and size. Also, the female typically sells for a few hundred more than the male. Nonetheless, before you decide on buying a pet finger monkey, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Pygmy marmoset baby pictures and facts.

Beautiful photo of a gray and black stripe pygmy marmoset monkey.

For one, finger monkeys are omnivores which tends to present problems for those that want them as pets. Feeding them is not only very costly, it is also time consuming. Another important factor to consider is that owning a finger monkey, may be illegal where you live.

Pygmy marmoset pet important facts

I love fingers which is why they call me a finger monkey!

Before you purchase one, be sure to find out if owing a pygmy marmoset as a house pet is allowed in your state. Keep all of these things in mind before investing in one of them as you may be unknowingly breaking the law if you purchase one.

Great photos of pygmy marmosets monkeys

Two very adorable baby finger monkeys posing for a photo.

Pygmy Marmoset Predators

Some of the predators pygmy marmosets have to worry about are cats such as the ocelot, oncilla, margay and jaguarundi. In addition, finger monkeys need to be on the lookout for the omnivorous tayra and pit vipers. In order to avoid these predators, pygmy marmosets spend about 70% of their time living in trees.

Pygmy Marmoset Facts and Photos

How much is that cute little finger monkey in the window?

Pygmy marmosets mostly move quadrupedally through the trees while in an upright position. Some people may be tempted to let their littleness lull them into believing these tiny guys are harmless. But you better think again since they can attack you with their sharp teeth and claws. The finger monkeys have claws that are extremely sharp. When and if provoked, they will not hesitate to defend themselves.

Will Finger monkeys attack people?

Pygmy marmosets have sharp teeth and claws. If they feel threatened, they will attack.

The parental care of pygmy marmosets is very interesting since every member in a particular group take part in rearing the offspring. However, they only do so for those that belong to the dominant females.

Two beautiful baby finger monkeys posing for a photo

These two little fellas seem to be family or lovers. Notice how one appears to be hugging the other one as they pose for the picture.

Pygmy marmosets communicate via visual displays. They also make posturing gestures which includes swaying their bodies and strutting. In addition, other mobbing behavior displayed by finger monkeys are jerky movements and piloerection. The gestures are typically done when they are challenged for one of their feeding posts.

Life Expectancy Of Pygmy Marmosets

The average life span of a finger monkey is around 11 to 13 years in the wild. They tend to live as far as their early twenties in zoos. But, it is very hard for newborn or young pygmy marmosets to make it to adulthood. Their mortality rate is very high since so many things go wrong when they are small. Some of them fall off the trees when their mothers are holding them. Additionally, with a mother having several of them to feed at the same time, providing milk for all is a challenge. In all, only about 25% of young pygmy marmosets reach adulthood. 

Most finger monkeys living in the wild have about 80% chance of living to adulthood once they make it past 6 moths. However,  Marmosets are social animals which may be a problem for anyone trying to have them as a pet. Social animals must be kept with others of their own kind or they risk going crazy. When we say going crazy, we mean they can go literally mad.

In this finger monkey image below, we see an adorable baby pygmy marmoset with lots of mane. The finger monkey holding on to a man’s thumb appears close to falling asleep. Perhaps he thinks he’s holding onto a tree.

Amazing Pygmy Marmoset facts and images

I can hang on to this tree…. I mean finger all day long.

More Interesting Facts About Pygmy Marmosets

Pygmy marmosets often live in groups which are made up of two to six members or an adult pair and their offspring. You may be surprised to know that Pygmy marmosets are not sexually dimorphic. In addition, once finger monkeys find their mate, they will stay together for life. That makes them monogamous and loyal to their partner. When a pygmy marmoset female becomes pregnant, she will last about 115 to 142 days before giving birth. Some pygmy marmosets females, tend to be a bit heavier in weight than their male counterparts.

Just like other primates, finger monkey are quite agile. They can rotate their heads 180 degrees. In addition, pygmy marmosets can leap as high as fifteen feet into the air. Another interesting fact about the pygmy marmoset is the way it uses communication to warn and alert its family members. They can let out a trill in order to send out signals from long distances. The types of communications the finger monkeys use are vocal, physical and chemical.

Adorable pygmy marmoset playing with a smartphone

This finger monkey wants to make a phone call and reach out to his friends.

Marmosets will let out a sharp warning whistle to signal family members and warn them of danger. They also make a clicking sound. For medium distances communications, the finger monkeys will let out a series of fast notes or a J-call which is repeated by the caller.

The pygmy marmosets also communicate with members of their groups through postures and facial expressions. The pygmy marmosets produce and send out an ultra-sonic cry expressing hostility that is inaudible to humans. This is in addition to the high-pitched whistles and twitters they emit.

All you need to know about pygmy marmosets

Finger monkeys are rarely seen in trees higher than 60 feet. You also hardly see them on the ground. The pygmy marmosets’ coloration helps to provide great camouflage for them for their lives in the wild. As with most wild animals, the pygmy marmosets are very territorial. They mark and defend their territories anywhere from 25 to 100 acres. Finger monkeys tend to mark their territory with scent glands located on their chest and supra pubic area.

When it comes to how many pygmy marmosets are left in the world, no one really knows the actual number. That’s because many people have them as pets in numerous countries throughout the world. Some have them as pets illegally and keep them hidden from people. Unlike other species, finger monkeys are not endangered as of yet though.

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 Amazing Pygmy Marmoset facts and images
Pygmy marmosets are adorable and can make a crowd stopping pet. However, you need to make sure you can have own one in your state before you purchase one. Also, keep in mind how much care and attention you will need to give yours. Most people have to purchase at least a pair to keep them happy and sane.