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    Sexiest & Most Flexible Girls in the World

    Flexible Women Photos

     Flexible Girls in the World - Flexible Women Photos - Woman in Shocking positon


    Most people have trouble stretching each day and can barely touch their feet with their hands without bending their knees. But when it comes to the women we have here on this list you will not believe what some of them can actually do with their bodies. Get ready to be shocked and awed with some of the craziest, wildest and most shocking photos of the sexiest most flexible girls in the world – top flexible women photos. We have put together a gallery of more than 30 pictures of various girls and women in some interesting, amazing and shocking positions. Contortionist (An acrobat able to twist into unusual positions) have a way of capturing our attention and mesmerizing us with their ability to bend in just about any and every position imaginable. Many people never believed human bodies could bend in such ways until they see these photos.


    People have a tremendous curiosity towards the shocking and astonishing. Photos and videos containing anything that is outrageous, funny or amazing are always very popular. The ability to stretch the way some of these women on these photos do will quite simply amaze and astound you. Some of them are dancers, gymnast, cheerleaders, models and some are flexible girls & women who can just bend so easily it boggles the mind. Whatever their profession may be, one thing is for sure; they can stretch and flex like no one you ever seen.

    Sexiest & Most Flexible Girls in the World


     Flexible Girls in the World - Flexible Women Photos - Girl in Twisted Position




    There is no doubt; that is one Flexible woman.


    The majority of us who see this picture shake our heads in amazement and wonder how these women are able to be so flexible? What makes a person so much more flexible than other ones? There are many different reasons why this is so.

    First of all some of us are born more flexible than others. Some people are actually able to just bend and twist elbows and joints in ways others only dream of doing. Another reason is gender. Women generally are more flexible than men. We know some of the guys are bummed about this but the truth is women tend to do more activities that require flexibility such as yoga, dancing, stretching etc. Men on the other hand tend to focus more on brute strength and muscles which makes a person less flexible. Another reason women tend to be more flexible than men is because during pregnancy women release the hormone  Flexible Girls in the World - Flexible Women Photos - Lady Shooting Arrowelastin which allows the body to be more flexible.

    Flexible Women Photos

    This helps to accommodate the fetus and in turn lets their body become more flexible and elastic. Genetics plays a major role in deciding whether or not we will be more flexible than the next person as well. Many people begin the flexibility prowess at an early age and their body begins to adapt until it becomes normal. If your body’s bone structure is not made for flexibility then the chances are you will not be able to be as flexible as someone’s whose joints and bones are.

     Flexible Girls in the World - Flexible Women Photos - Girl Bent in Awkward Position

    Why are these Women so Flexible?

    One way to improve flexibility Is by doing various activities which can help make your body more bendable and flexible. These include Pilates, Tai Chi, Swimming, Yoga, Martial arts, Dancing and Ballet.
    It is normal for the human body to be really flexible during the younger years of our lives. As we get older our muscles and joints will get tighter and stiffer. Of course if you tend to move around all day and do activities that require flexing and do exercises regularly your body will stay more limber and flexible even as you get older. This is one of those times where “Use it or lose it” will actually apply.

     Flexible Girls in the World - Flexible Women Photos - Woman doing Split

    Although no study that we know of has been done on the subject, it is quite obvious that the vast majority of men who see photos of flexible girls or flexible women will immediately associate them with sexual fantasies. Every man wants a contortionist. This may help to explain the many searches on search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Google each month for 'flexible women' and 'flexible women photos' So ladies now you know that a way to a man's heart (or dirty mind) is by being super flexible.


     Flexible Girls in the World - Flexible Women Photos - Girl on Amazing Flexible position

    Sexiest & Most Flexible Girls in the World

    Some of these photos look somewhat unreal due to way these women seem to defy gravity with their abilities to flex and stretch as they do. When you look at the gallery below you will not believe some of the positions that some of these women managed to get into and you will wonder as most of us did and ask "How did they ever get out of that?" But if you ever tried yoga you know that there are some people in your class that simply defied gravity with the way they were able to stretch and flex their bodies.

    Get ready now to see the rest of the sexiest & most flexible girls in the world gallery. We must warn that you do not try some of these positions at home. Okay, well maybe you can, just don't say we did not warn you.

    There are 30 more photos in the gallery at the bottom.





    Facts to help you be more Flexible

    Sexiest & Most Flexible Girls in the World

    If you spend the majority of the day in the office or in similar ‘sitting down’ or non-movement situations then your flexibility will begin to go away.


    While these photos are extreme in the sense that some of these women are more flexible than regular people most of us can maintain a good level of flexibility and elastic capability by doing activities like running, hiking and playing sports. This will ensure that you will be a lot more flexible than your inactive and sedentary friends, family and coworkers.

    Flexible Women Photos

     Flexible Girls in the World - Flexible Women Photos - Woman with Legs over Head

    If you are like some people who are naturally stiff then you can do stretching for 10 to 15 minutes a day. Although this may not sound like much it can actually make a world of difference.

    Baby Painter - Pic o the Day

    Did you know that although some of these photos may seem extreme (Which they are) stretching and being flexible actually makes you healthier? Being flexible can help improve your circulation and the way your body transports nutrients. This allows for even greater elasticity in your tissues which leads to a prolong and healthier life. Maybe these women are on to something.

    While it is good to stretch and be flexible you should never do it pass the point of where you feel discomfort. Never begin any exercises without properly stretching.

    Flexible Girls in the World - Flexible Women Photos

    Cute Thinking Baby - Pic of the Day

    Cute Thinking Baby - Pic of the Day


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